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Lease an Elegant Yacht for Your Next Corporate Event in Miami

For your next company Christmas party or meeting with potential business allies, consider a venue that is truly memorable and speaks to your good taste and degree of success. With corporate yacht rentals now on the Miami-Dade scene, you don’t have to incur the expense of purchasing a luxury party boat outright to have a yacht in your arsenal for special events. Simply rent a yacht from our fleet to elicit “oohs” and “aahs” from your employees, partners, and everyone else in attendance. It is a cost-effective way to present an elite front without compromising your company’s budget, and your event is guaranteed to be part of the office gossip for a long time to come.

A luxurious party boat is a one-stop shop to ensure everyone on board has something to delight them. You would be hard pressed to find a more awe-inspiring location than a massive yacht surrounded by ocean views and the smell of salt air all around. The party boat experience doesn’t end there – although the view alone is enough to make it memorable; the amenities on a luxury yacht are plentiful, and not one of your guests will be restricted to a single area of the boat or one activity. Everyone on board is encouraged to explore and take advantage of all the fun at their disposal.

Virtually all corporate yacht events involve food, and our catering services are sure to impress. Our chefs are adept at preparing a variety of cuisines, and they can tweak the menu according to your event’s particular needs. Although you are sure to be impressed with the quality of the meal, you may be even more blown away at the quality of the service. The catering and service staff aboard our yacht rentals are highly experienced in pleasing the public and work together like a well-oiled machine, leaving no water or wine glass empty or accidental spill uncleaned.

It isn’t unusual for corporate yacht rental dinners to adopt a particular theme, and our party planners are eager to make your particular vision a reality. Whether you need dancers, costuming, decorations, or all of the above, we can help you hone your event into a fantasy from which your guests won’t want to awaken. If you need a yacht rental on short notice, there are even certain themes we can suggest that can be achieved with little preparation.

Not all meals aboard a company charter require the formal dining experience with loads of fanfare. There are dining nooks and more intimate settings that are ideal for small groups to converse and bond. The same delectable dishes and superior service are still available in these areas on a smaller scale. Once the appetites of you and your guests have been sated, don’t hesitate to seek out more adult refreshments you can enjoy al fresco beneath the stars or in a more energized bar setting, complete with a dance floor to show off your moves or just let tensions of the day float away.

Sometimes, companies want to rent a yacht for team-building events, and we have lots of ideas on how to forge strong friendships and bonds between your employees. A favorite of many of our clients is a water sports focused getaway. After all, it’s difficult to maintain a wall between yourself and others when splashing around under the sun, racing on jet skis, or testing how high you can go on a parasailing adventure. After all of the adrenaline-infused thrills, it’s no problem to have adept masseurs on hand to complete the day on a more relaxed note.

If an active getaway doesn’t fit your corporate team building needs, there are other options to enjoy one of our luxury yachts. A day of sport fishing in decadent style is another way to encourage employees to connect on a more personal level – translating into greater efficiency and productivity in the office. If gunning for deep-sea fish like marlin or wahoo is more along your group’s wishes, we can suggest our most experienced captains and mates to ensure your yacht rental ends up in prime fishing waters. You could even host your own fishing tournament for an event all in attendance can remember – just remember to have a photographer on hand to keep the tales of the biggest catches in check.

Regardless of how you envision your corporate event, it can only be enhanced by taking place on board a luxury party boat. Our staff is skilled in tailoring the experience to our clients’ specific needs and visions, and the crews of our yachts are friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely adept at their jobs. Simply describe the kind of affair you visualize with any specific things you require, and we will take care of all the details and planning to ensure it goes off without a hitch. Just enjoy what the corporate yacht experience has to offer and accept all of the accolade from your colleagues with grace.

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