No other exotic car on today's market can compete with the high-profile image of wealth and taste that a Rolls-Royce exudes. The brand name is virtually synonymous with being the property of the world's elite, and the prospect of riding in one of these luxurious cars has historically been something reserved only for those with a bevy of servants at their beck and call and bottomless pockets. To ride in a Rolls-Royce was and is to be at the top of the world.


Times have changed, however, and being in the lap of luxury isn't as difficult as you may think. With exotic car rental companies popping up in metropolitan areas throughout the country, the Rolls-Royce experience is something now within the grasp of even the middle class. Granted, purchasing one of these exotic cars outright may still lie in the realm of the impossible, but you can rent a Rolls-Royce for a special event or weekend without filing bankruptcy.


Brief History of the Rolls Royce Brand


In 1904, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls teamed up to produce the two-cylinder Royce 10 in Manchester. Royce already owned an automobile dealership, and he was impressed with Royce's design in the Royce 10, selling the model exclusively. By 1906, the pair officially formed Rolls-Royce Limited and built a new factory in Derby to produce powerful, cutting-edge six-cylinder luxury cars that left their two-cylinder predecessors in the dust.

The company instantly flourished, and, by 1921, they had opened a second factory in the United States to keep up with the demand. The design and performance of their luxurious cars set the standard for other high-end brands, and its chassis was even used as a prototype for the British armored cars employed in both world wars. Once Rolls-Royce Limited survived the Great Depression and post-war economies, it became clear this brand was here to stay.


In 1998, BMW AG purchased the rights to the Rolls-Royce brand name and distinctive logo, but the vehicle designs and production facilities were actually purchased by Volkswagen. Although such a split is a bit unusual in automotive history, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, the subsidiary of BMW AG, has been the exclusive manufacturer of exotic cars bearing that label since 2003.


Growing Popularity as an Exotic Car Rental


The Rolls-Royce brand never really had to work hard to gain the love of the American people. Although its origins are decidedly British, the early factory presence in Springfield, Massachussetts made it a household name, although that name was exclusively associated with the rich and famous. The luxurious cars bearing the Rolls-Royce logo and innovative designs were pricey right from the start, and the country's elite scrambled for the chance for ownership of these status symbols.


Throughout the brand's history, men and women with the biggest bank accounts around have considered having a personal Rolls-Royce in the garage a staple. Without one, the status of belonging to the wealthy elite could be questioned. Conversely, anyone who emerged from one of these high-end luxury cars was automatically someone and a member of the most exclusive social circles.


With the emergence of exotic car rentals in mainstream culture, however, virtually anyone can harness the power of the Rolls-Royce brand. For a mere fraction of the cost of ownership, you can rent a Rolls-Royce for the day, week, and sometimes hour – just enough time to make an unforgettable entry to your next business function or high-society event. Such a luxury car rental enables you to wow the crowd or sinfully indulge yourself without the need to achieve millionaire status first.

Rolls Royce Corniche III

Rolls Royce Corniche III

Most Common Rolls Royce Models for Exotic Car Rental


Although you really can't go wrong when you rent a Rolls-Royce for a special occasion or weekend trip, the different models have their own distinctive flair. For touring the Florida coastline, for instance, a Rolls-Royce you can drop the top on may be what you need to set the mood. On the other hand, when you attend an event full of A-listers and celebrities, you may indulge in the extra expense of a driver and require a comfortable and roomy back seat for the ride. The following are the most common models available to choose from exotic car rental companies:



Rolls-Royce in Pop Culture


There is a reason why the Rolls-Royce brand is synonymous with unimaginable wealth and impeccable taste. Aside from the glaringly obvious fact that these luxurious cars are the top of the line in both style and performance, popular culture holds the brand on a pedestal with which no other exotic car can compete. The following are just a handful of our favorite appearances of this iconic brand in the media and on the silver screen:


  • City Lights – In this 1931 Charlie Chaplin film, an eccentric millionaire rode in only the finest Rolls-Royce of the time.
  • The Yellow Rolls-Royce– As this classic movie's title suggests, a Rolls-Royce Phantom II intricately links the lives of three people together.
  • Goldfinger – James Bond's enemy, Auric Goldfinger, drove a black and yellow Rolls-Royce Phantom III with a license plate reading AU1, the periodic table symbol for gold.
  • John Lennon – This Beatles legend owned a 1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V with a colorful custom paint job that he loaned on occasion to the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and the Moody Blues.
  • 101 Dalmatians – Cartoon villainess Cruella de Vil drove a long red Rolls-Royce in her pursuit of a Dalmatian fur coat.


You don't have to square off against the likes of James Bond or become a music icon like John Lennon to experience the thrill of touring the town in a sleekly sensual Rolls-Royce luxury car. It isn't even necessary to drop your life savings on the purchase of a new or gently used one. With the advent of exotic car rentals in the mainstream, you can arrive at your ex's wedding or next high-profile business function in the best Rolls-Royce has to offer, and you'll even have money left over for the ride home.

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