The experience of being behind the wheel of a sporty Range Rover SUV is one that can't be duplicated. It handles the roughest terrain with ease with a suspension that doesn't suggest you're anywhere but on the open road. Range Rovers are made for adventure but provide the comforts of a luxurious car, making these all-terrain vehicles a popular choice as an exotic car rental. There's no question that this luxury brand is at the top of the heap for its type.

Now that luxury rental cars are mainstream, your dreams of driving a Range Rover are within your grasp. Forget the high price tag that comes with ownership, and capture the benefits of having one of these exotic cars in your arsenal for just a fraction of the purchase cost. You can rent a Range Rover for the just the amount of time you need to satisfy your thrill-seeking nature without sending you to file Chapter 13.

Brief History of the Range Rover Brand

Range Rover is a big luxury vehicle, and it’s a four-wheel drive to boot. It is made by Rover Company, which was started by Land Rover, a luxury car maker from Britain. The launch of the first model took place in 1970, but the Rover Company had been carrying out experiments since 1951, and the first model was a two-wheel drive known as Rover P4 made by Gordon Bashford. It was later shelved in 1958, however, and the company remained dormant for several years. In 1966, two engineers, Gordon Bashford and Spen King, started working on a fresh model to raise the exotic car brand from the dead.

The Range Rover prototype with the now-iconic classic shape was created in 1967. It had a different headlight and front grille configuration, and the design of the vehicle was completed in 1969. Until 1987, Land Rovers were available in the United States , but they disappeared from production later that year. In 1993, the Defender 110 was released, followed by the Land Rover Discovery. The Rover Company did not stop there; in 2005, the Land Rover Sport was launched. The latest model is the Range Rover Evoque that was launched in 2011, and all Land Rover vehicles are designed to provide style, amazing capability, and the brand identity that comes with class.

Growing Popularity as a Luxury Rental Car

Although Range Rovers have only been on the scene for a few decades, the brand immediately established itself as being the go-to vehicle for adventuresome rides. These exotic cars provided the ability to see off-road wonders with four-wheel drive, but they also had all the plush details consumers had come to expect from luxury sports cars.

As people across the world developed a love affair with SUVs, the Range Rover brand skyrocketed to the top of the all-terrain vehicle list. High-class businessmen and even celebrities flocked to add a sporty Range Rover to their collections, and these functional yet stylish exotic cars soon became a status symbol to draw awe and envy from onlookers.

Despite the fact that Range Rovers still sport a high price tag, the advent of luxury car rentals on the metropolitan scene make the dream of driving one accessible even to the middle class. Just rent aRange Rover from your nearest exotic car rental company to claim the heady experience of being behind the seat for your next off-road adventure and make memories to last a lifetime.

Most Common Range Rover Models for Exotic Car Rental

Although any Range Rover model can provide the performance you need to forge your way through rough terrain in style, each model has its own distinctive flair. From the boxy Range Rover Sport to the curvaceous Range Rover Evoke, there's a body style to fit your personality, so you can tailor make your exotic car rental experience. These are the most popular models you will encounter in a luxury rental car fleet:



Range Rover in Pop Culture

Since Range Rovers captured our collective hearts from the start, it comes as no surprise how these sporty SUVs frequently show up on hit television shows and the silver screen. Whether driven off-road or through the urban jungle, the appearance of Range Rovers in popular culture becomes more common with each passing year. Here are some of our favorite cameos from this luxury car brand throughout its time on the scene:

The New Avengers – John Steed drove both a white and a green 1970s model Range Rover in the reprise of this classic television show.

Underworld – As Michael battles a Lycan outside of Tanis' lair, the pair smash out a poor Range Rover's windows.

Anger Management – After instigating a huge fight with Buddhists, Jack Nicholson speeds away in a 1995 Land-Rover.

Weeds – For much of the time this HBO series ran, Nancy Botwin drove a leased Range Rover.

James Bond – Range Rovers appeared in Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, but Daniel Craig also was pivotal in the launch of the Range Rover Sport 2014.

You don't have to go on the hunt for criminal masterminds like John Steed or James Bond to experience the thrill of an adventuresome Range Rover firsthand. Now that you can rent a Range Rover for a mere fraction of the cost of purchasing one outright, you can create an off-road adventure without breaking the bank.

It's a decision you won't regret because these luxury cars provide the performance you need to reach the out-of-the-way places you desire while also cradling you in the superior comfort for which the brand is known. With exotic rental car companies popping up in big cities across the nation, you don't have to look far to rent a Range Rover for your next vacation or weekend of thrills. With the ability to rent for the time you need, you can tailor make your Range Rover adventure to your budget.

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