There truly is no substitute for a high-performance and jaw-dropping Porsche sports car. The brand produces some of the most innovative luxury cars on the market, showcasing rear engines and twin-turbo technology, marking its creations as the equivalent of an original Van Gogh in a room full of fingerpainting. When you slip behind the wheel of a Porsche, you can expect to be transported into ecstasy the moment you turn the key.

 You no longer need the resources of Rockefeller to claim this experience as your own. You can rent a Porsche to arrive at your ex's wedding or just for the thrill of scooting down the open road in style – all at a fraction of the expense of ownership. With exotic car rental companies popping up throughout the country, the power to make your dream of driving a sporty Porsche is never out of reach.


Brief History of the Porsche Brand

When Ferdinand Porsche founded Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH back in 1931, his aim wasn't to actually produce cars. The fledgling company that later became Porsche was originally focused on development and consulting work. Its first car design didn't even bear the Porsche name and actually became the Volkswagen Beetle.

The first cars bearing the Porsche name and logo were built using a lot of features from the Volkswagen Beetle, a bit of trivia few people know. Throughout the history of the company, a close relationship with Volkswagen remained. Porsche now owns the majority of Volkswagen shares, and the two companies are intrinsically linked.

Today, Porsches are produced in Germany, Slovakia, and Finland, and sales of these luxurious cars have been extremely high. In fact, the company has the highest profit per unit of any car manufacturing company worldwide. Porsche has also experienced much success within motor racing, including 16 consecutive wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Growing Popularity as a Luxury Car Rental

The world's most looked-up-to people have been proud to drive Porsches almost since the brand's inception, and the company has never had to look far to find fans. After all, what's not to like in a luxury car with a body style that screams seductive sophistication and precision handling and performance with which few could begin to rival? Porsche has it all, and its myriad of benefits are hardly a secret, bearing a name spoken with reverence in both racing and civilian circles.

With cutting-edge technology and a body style that quickly draws stares of appreciation, there are few people who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to slide behind the wheel of a Porsche luxury sports car. Those who are lucky enough to possess a Porsche of their own tend to be vehemently loyal to the brand and count these exotic cars among the most valuable of possessions. Times have now changed, and ownership is no longer a precursor to experiencing the unique feel of driving a Porsche.

When luxury car rental companies arrived on the scene, people jumped at the opportunity to be in the driver's seat of a sporty 911 or sleekly styled Boxter. The appeal is undeniable. After all, what better anniversary gift for your mate or feeling of pride as you arrive at a company affair can you get than being in control of a Porsche? Now that exotic car rentals are mainstream and available in nearly every big city, the experience of driving a luxury sports car isn't one that will break your budget. It is even possible to rent a Porsche for just an hour, but the memory is one you can take with you throughout life.

Most Common Porsche Models for Exotic Car Rental

You would be hard pressed to find fault with any Porsche model as a luxury car rental, but each version has its own distinctive style and flair. The classic 911 will always have its fans, but a Porsche Cayenne, for instance, may be better for a family vacation while the Boxter has a sensual appeal fitting for a driver cruising the singles' scene. These are the most popular Porsche models you can find at an exotic car rental company near you:



Porsche in Pop Culture

America's fascination with the Porsche brand has been built over many decades, and there's no sign of it waning any time soon. That's why these power-packed, sleek machines show up all over in popular culture from high-class museums to the silver screen. Whenever this luxury sports car appears, it highlights how the Porsche brand is the epitome of style and performance. These are just a few of our favorite moments when a classic Porsche caught our attention: 

  • Museum of Modern Art – Back in 1953, a 1952 Porsche 1500 Super was an unlikely but nonetheless popular exhibit.
  • Janis Joplin – The raspy songstress may have sung about a Mercedes-Benz, but she was the proud owner of a 1965 356C Cabriolet with a psychedelic paint job that still pops up in museums across the country.
  • Risky Business – Tom Cruise's character had a memorable moment chasing down an angry pimp before he drove his dad's Porsche 928 into Lake Michigan.
  • Against All Odds – In a Porsche 911 Cabrio, Jeff Bridges squared off against James Woods driving a Ferrari 308 GTS in a road race.
  • Weekend at Bernie's – The lovable when deceased title character not only owned a 911, but he also had a Porsche-inspired golf cart.

You don't have to race other supercars on the open road to know the power a Porsche possesses or steal your dad's beloved ride to get behind the wheel of your dream car. With exotic car rental companies in virtually every Florida city of note, you can check driving a Porsche off of your bucket list. Quit relegating your fantasy of zipping down the highway in an eye-catching, high-performance Porsche, and seize the day with a luxury rental car.

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