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Situated between Coral Gables and Miami lies the small city of West Miami, the ideal place to escape the hassles of the urban city while keeping its excitement nearby. Unlike the big city to its north, this Miami-Dade oasis is virtually crime free and has a small-town charm, which is appealing. The birth of West Miami owes a great deal to a more sinister side than can be seen today, however. When the county passed regulations to ban gambling and reduce cocktail hours in unincorporated areas in 1947, four wealthy businessmen hopped in their luxury cars to hash out a solution. Soon, the town of West Miami came into existence, and the profitable gambling establishments and liquor sales remained in place.

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If you're visiting West Miami for business or pleasure or merely have a special event where you want to wow the crowd, consider renting an exotic car for the occasion. You can pay homage to the city's beginnings by arriving in sophisticated style, and the adventure of being behind the wheel of a beautiful Bentley or high-profile Ferrari will prove its worth and then some. Although you may think a luxury car rental is an expense you can't afford, you may be surprised at just how economical renting an exotic car can be for a special event or weekend getaway.

Since West Miami is only 0.75 square miles in area, it won't take long to learn the basics of navigating this small Miami-Dade city. Since most of the streets are numbered north to south or east to west, you usually just need an address to locate your final destination. In the event that you lose your way, however, almost any luxury rental car comes with built-in navigation systems to steer you back in the right direction. You won't have to waste your time fiddling with your cell or deciphering a map, so you can concentrate your focus on the superior handling and comfort of your exotic car rental on the open road.

Although the thrill of driving a speedy Lamborghini or sleek Mercedes-Benz through West Miami's streets is likely excitement enough to make your trip memorable, there are a few attractions of interest in the area. Cooper Park is a great spot to stretch your legs after a long drive in an exotic car, and the park often plays host to special events, such as movie night or festivals. The Community Center also frequently holds gaming events and lunches to help residents and visitors alike get in a friendly mood. There are also numerous specialty shops scattered throughout the city that are great places to find souvenirs to take back to family and friends when you tell them of your experience driving a luxurious car.

With exotic rental car services now available in the Miami-Dade County area, there's no excuse to explore the beautiful city of West Miami in just any old car. Leave a lasting impression by being seen in a luxury car of which most people only dream of driving, and enjoy the stares of awe and envy from pedestrians and less fortunate people beside you on the road. There really is a package to fit your special needs and budget, leaving with no more reasons to deny yourself the thrill of navigating the open road in an exotic car.

Zip Codes: 33155

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