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The small city of Sweetwater just west of Miami in Miami-Dade County has been fondly called “Little Managua” for many years due to its high percentage of Nicaraguan residents. This means the area is infused with a Latin flair that extends to every aspect of its area. There's plenty to entice you to explore, and this experience can only be improved by seeing the sights from behind the wheel of an exotic car, such as a speedy Maserati or powerful Range Rover. Although this may sound like an extravagance beyond your means, luxury car rentals are far more economical than you may think, and driving one of the world's best cars through such a culturally rich city is something you'll never forget.

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As you notice the Latin American influence throughout Sweetwater, you may be surprised to know this Miami-Dade city's beginnings were of a far different nature than you can see today as you cruise its streets in a sophisticated Bentley or jaw-dropping Porsche. The area was originally slated to be a development known as Sweetwater Groves, but a horrific hurricane in 1926 and general real estate crisis soon put a halt to those plans. Subsequently, much of the land was purchased by a Russian troupe of dwarves, who built pint-sized homes with matching luxurious cars in the driveways that earned the area a reputation for being a hot spot for little people.

Sweetwater today has something for everyone, and, due to its small size of just 0.8 square miles, you won't have any trouble finding your way in an exotic car rental. To simplify navigation even further, most of the streets are numbered north to south and east to west, so all you really need to located your destination in luxury car is an address and the most basic sense of direction. If you do, however, lose your way, nearly all exotic rental cars are outfitted with GPS, or you can always pull over in your Aston Martin or Ferrari to ask a friendly resident to get you back on track.

As you explore the Sweetwater area in the luxury rental car of your choosing, be sure to take time to see the sights. There are over 600 businesses to explore, meaning you won't have to without a single essential. If you need souvenirs to take home to family or friends, Dolphin Mall provides one-stop shopping, so you can quickly get back to cruising the city in your exotic car. Florida International University's main campus frequently holds cultural events to pique your interest, and just imagine the impression you'll make when you arrive in a luxury sports car while dressed to the nines.

Now that exotic rental car services are in the Miami-Dade County area, there's no excuse to visit the quaint city of Sweetwater in an ordinary sedan or boring minivan. Arrive at your special event or enjoy a weekend getaway in the style you deserve, forging a memorable adventure that will make you the envy of your family and friends. There's a package to meet virtually anyone's needs and budget, so seize the day and spend it in the driver's seat of the exotic car of your dreams.

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