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October 14, 2014
October 15, 2014
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Only a short drive north from Miami Beach is the beautiful town of Surfside, Florida – perfect for a relaxing cruise in the exotic rental car of your choice. This part of Miami-Dade County is one of the most-scenic areas in all of the country, thanks to incredible beaches and the amazing blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. You won’t feel the need to rush anywhere in your luxurious car while checking out everything there is to see and do in Surfside. Incorporated back in 1935, this small town only has a population of just a few thousand people, retaining a small-town charm that merges with upscale class.

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Surfside only occupies a single square mile of this incredible South Florida real estate, but it is still worth a visit for business or pleasure. Bringing a luxury rental car to this area gives you a chance to see some of the famous sights that the greater Miami area is known for, and to soak up some South Florida sun at the same time. Since you will be driving in such a memorable place, it is only fitting that you tour Surfside in an equally memorable exotic car. Luxury cars are a common sight in this part of the world, and you can rent a Ferrari or other sports car to fit right in with the crowd at a fraction of the price required to purchase one.

Depending on traffic, you can reach Surfside from Miami Beach with just a 15 or 20 minute drive up the South Florida coast. Thanks to the incredible scenery, shopping, and dining you will find along the way, there is little chance of getting bored on the trip. With an exotic rental car at your side, you may feel the urge to simply drive forever, enjoying the decadent comfort and superior handling a luxury sports car provides. Due to its relatively small size and numbered streets running east to west, it's easy to navigate this Miami-Dade city, so forget fiddling with the GPS or atlas, and turn your focus to the experience of being behind the wheel of your Aston Martin or Mercedes-Benz rental.

One of the unique attributes of Surfside is its attention to turtle conservation, and, at the right time of year, you may glimpse hundreds of these creatures crawling to shore to lay eggs. If you can manage to pull yourself away from the pristine beaches and awe-inspiring sights long enough to get something to eat, the culinary district in Surfside has an unparalleled reputation. Find a secure parking spot for your rented Maserati or Porsche, and pick out the specialty restaurant that appeals to you to refuel for more adventures on the open road. From casual to upscale dining options, there is something in Surfside to please virtually every palate.

When visiting the Surfside area for a special event, business meeting, or just for fun, you're certainly going to want to explore as much of this seaside town as possible. Would you rather do that in a plain sedan or an exotic car? Although you may think renting a speedy Lamborghini or beautiful Bentley is a luxury you can't afford, claiming such an experience as your own is actually quite reasonable and can do wonders for helping you climb the social or business ladder. With exotic car rentals now on the Miami-Dade County scene, there's no excuse to arrive at the next big event or begin your Surfside vacation in a ho-hum fashion. Splurge a bit, and forge the adventure of a lifetime in the luxurious car of your dreams.

Zip Codes: 33154

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