October 14, 2014
October 14, 2014
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Palmetto Bay, Florida is a Miami-Dade County incorporated village that embodies the resilience of the American spirit. Devastated by Hurricane Andrew, Palmetto Bay has managed to rebuild and survive. As you drive an exotic car through this village, you will notice a welcomed change of pace. With over 23,000 citizens the small municipality seems sheltered from the hassle and the agitation of the big city. Palmetto Bay is quiet and charming, but it is far from being boring. If you like beaches and sunny weather but hate the overwhelming nature of large metropolitan areas, this is the place for you to explore from behind the wheel of a luxury car.

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It does you little good to go to a luxury car dealer and procure the finest exotic rental car without having a place to spin your wheels on the open road. Although massive resorts and huge cities come with advantages, they are often overcrowded, loud, and polluted. Instead of making you feel more relaxed, these types of bustling places often have the opposite effect. A vacation in such a beautiful, subtropical area must provide relief – not expose you to the same stress factors from which you are trying to get away. Palmetto Bay is the ideal place for those that want to experience the real Florida and witness its natural beauty, especially with a beautiful luxurious car at your side.

The advantages of navigating this village behind the wheel of a luxury rental car are immense. One of the first things you will notice as you drive your Aston Martin or Mercedes-Benz is the distinct lack of traffic. Occasional events aside, Palmetto Bay gives you the opportunity to make the most of your money and drive your luxurious car as much as you wish. After all, if you are stuck in endless traffic jams, that shiny new Bentley or imposing Hummer will just be a piece of eye candy. Palmetto Bay's infrastructure is simple and easy to navigate, and the roads are well-paved. With all of these factors combined, you can have one of the best driving experiences available in your exotic rental car.

Next time you visit the Miami-Dade area, be sure to rent a Porsche or Lamborghini and visit one of the Palmetto Bay’s many attractions. It features plenty of parks, such as the Thalatta Park or the Coral Reef Park, with natural vistas that are sure to keep you entertained. One of Palmetto Bay’s most cherished sites is the Deering Estate, formerly the home of Charles Deering. It is the cultural epicenter of the area with plenty of stimulating events being held throughout the year. Many local and tourist couples choose to get married there because of the estate’s enthralling charm, often leaving for their honeymoons in a luxury rental car. The village is home to some of the best schools and museums in the entire district. All of these remarkable sites are just a short drive away from the South Dixie Highway in an exotic car.

Often dubbed the Village of Parks, the Palmetto Bay area represents the best of both worlds. It has a small town charm with the cultural impact of the big city. The surroundings encourage you to relax and breathe while never failing to keep you interested – an ideal combination for exploring the sights in a luxurious sports car. There are few places in the state that offer a more pleasure driving experience, so don't cheat yourself by experiencing it with the ho-hum vehicle you use every day. Splurge a bit, and rent an exotic car to see first hand what all the fuss is about. It costs far less than you would expect, and luxury rental car services are nearby in Miami-Dade County.

Zip Codes: 33157, 33158

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