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Opa-locka is one Miami-Dade County's oldest towns. Nearly the whole area seems ripped from the pages of a 1001 Arabian Nights fairy tale book. The aesthetic of the city is based on Moorish architecture, an influence that hails from the northern part of Africa, Spain, and Portugal. When driving through this Opa-locka behind the wheel of an exotic car, you will be transported to far-away lands of myth and legend. The buildings there are not only a part of national history but also stand as symbols of revival because only a handful of structures managed to survive the horrible 1926 hurricane disaster.

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Opa-locka invokes a romantic interpretation of Oriental architecture. With such an exotic feel to its surroundings, it's only natural to want to tour the area from the driver's seat of an exotic rental car. You will feel just like a sultan of old while cruising in a luxurious car, an opportunity that must not be missed. If you choose to rent such a vehicle, your Ferrari or Lamborghini will mirror the taste and rich design of your surroundings, blending in seamlessly with this gem of Miami-Dade County.

The advantage of visiting Opa-locka in an exotic rental car is you won't have trouble navigating with the built-in GPS nearly every luxurious car has in its arsenal of extras. Since all the streets have distinct and easy-to-remember names, such as Sultan Avenue, Sabur Lane, Sesame Street, Ali Baba Avenue and Perviz Avenue, you could actually just turn the GPS off. Forget fiddling with devices or asking for directions and just relax in the well-upholstered seat of your luxury sports car and enjoy the drive. As you marvel at the imaginative names of the streets and businesses, you may be interested to know the name Opa-locka is derived from the Seminole word for Wooden Hammock.

Despite its relative small size of just 4.5 square miles, the town of Opa-locka is filled with history. Zip to the site where Amelia Earhart started her renowned voyage in your speedy Audi or Porsche rental. Also, visit the location where the town was visited by one of the most recognizable airships in history, the Graf Zeppelin. Aviation themes aside, the town features a railroad station, airport, two lakes, and three scenic parks. Opa-locka also features over 30 sites of religious worship, an important part of the community's heritage. The experience of touring the area is only enhanced by getting there in a luxurious car. In fact, the town is no stranger to high-performance exotic cars because it once hosted the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie set.

Opa-Locka's unique architecture and attractions make it an ideal spot for taking a luxury car for a weekend getaway or fun-filled day trip. It is a town that has a story to tell, which is a traveler’s dream. It’s a pleasurable experience that can only be improved upon by driving a high-quality Range Rover, Hummer, or McLaren. Opa-locka stands out and refuses to be just another mundane city, managing to evoke memories of far-away monuments while still feeling like home. It is also a place that symbolizes resistance and overcoming adversity. Make sure you enjoy every sight, from the behind the wheel of an exotic rental car, allowing you to experience the thrill without making a costly purchase.

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