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October 13, 2014
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October 13, 2014
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Located just a few miles from Miami proper, North Miami is a charming suburban town worth visiting. According to recent estimates, it is the sixth largest city in Miami-Dade County. Despite its modernity, the area is reminiscent of its rugged past. It hosts the largest urban park in the entire state and also a natural limestone pass that served as the precursor for the construction of Miami-Dade County’s first road system. Virtually every location has a deep historical value, and your appreciation of the area can only be enhanced from behind the wheel of a luxury car rental. Since the end of World War II, the area has never stopped developing and growing in both income and population, making it all the more important to make a memorable impression by emerging on the scene in an exotic car.

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Since 2004, the public transportation system has seen plenty of improvement. Convenient as it may be, it still pales in comparison to the feeling you get while driving one of the best luxury sports cars in the world. North Miami is an ideal yet affordable destination for romantic weekend getaways or family day trips. There are plenty of restaurants that can cater to your every whim and hotels to make even the most homesick person feel comfortable, although you would likely spend most of your time enjoying the superior comfort and performance of your exotic car rental. Just picture gliding along North Miami's well-kept roads in your very own Ferrari or Aston Martin for the day or week.

Given the large number of attractions in North Miami, you'll want to experience everything this area has to offer. That can be done using any means, but the best option is to acquire a luxury rental car, so you can exude the style and sophistication necessary to match your surroundings. It is part of the North Miami dream to drive under the sun-filled sky without a care in the world in an exotic car fit for the celebrities and A-listers that frequent the region. Some visitors even get in their luxury rental car, turn off the GPS off, and see where the road takes them.

In a town so packed with things to see and do, you're bound to find something to tickle your fancy. Hop into your exotic rental car, whether it be a Maserati, Mercedes Benz, or Maybach, and zip up to one of its astounding national parks. This whole area used to be nothing more than untamed wilderness until it was remodeled into one of the best recreational areas in the country, so take advantage of the excitement that awaits you in your luxury sports car. Almost any type of outdoor or urban activity you can imagine awaits you in North Miami.

In a Miami-Dade County town that is filled with history and natural beauty, diversity reigns. You will see this in the faces of the people you pass by in your exotic car rental as you leisurely drive along North Miami's open roads. From luxury hotels to cute little venues where you can enjoy a mimosa-fueled brunch, North Miami has you covered. In a town that has all the best to offer, don't sell it short by touring it in just any old car. Splurge a bit without breaking your budget, and let a luxury car rental transform a pleasant day or weekend into a time you will never forget.

Zip Codes: 33161, 33162, 33167, 33168, 33169, 33181, 33261

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