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October 13, 2014
October 14, 2014
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Initially named Fulford, North Miami Beach is one of Miami-Dade County’s most beautiful locations. Although much of city lies just beyond the shore, the ocean is just a short drive in a luxury car rental. So, if you wish to soak up some rays, just hop in your exotic car, and you will get there in a blink of an eye. This exciting city's sunny weather and bright outlook on life is the perfect complement to the adventure of driving a luxury sports car. Visiting North Miami Beach can help you relieve stress and take a break from the monotonous routine of daily life. In North Miami Beach, the weather is sunny all year round, and cold seasons feel like a far-away memory, making it a pleasant spot for visitors and residents alike.

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Driving around in an exotic car with your sunglasses on will make you feel like a movie star, and you'd be hard pressed to find a better feeling than that. When you hear the purr of a high-performance BMW or Fisker engine, that’s when your true vacation begins. The benefits of renting a luxurious car in North Miami Beach are plentiful. It blends in seamlessly with the upscale atmosphere as you cruise around in one of the most beautiful vehicles ever constructed. When you need to give the pedal-pushing excitement a break, simply park your luxury rental car in a secure area and enjoy some sun, surf, and sand before zipping into the sunset in a sporty Lamborghini or sleek Mercedes-Benz.

This area has some of the most enticing beach properties in the United States, with thousands of people visiting each year. Although the roar of a Ferrari engine may eclipse the roar of the massive Atlantic Ocean, you may enjoy certain beach property where clothing is considered optional. Fortunately, you can find any North Miami Beach destination with ease because nearly every luxury car rental comes with top-of-the-line GPS technology. This allows you freedom from cell phone navigation applications or hard-to-read maps; just let your exotic car rental lead the way while you enjoy the stunning views.

There are a few places in North Miami Beach you won't want to miss while touring the area in an exotic car rental. This Saint Bernard de Clairvaux Church, for instance, is a vestige from the past that originated from Spain. It was later disassembled and brought to North Miami Beach. The lustrous church is one of the oldest buildings in the United States and is the region’s most cherished landmark. Couples from across the nation choose to get married in this 12th century wonder, often zipping away to their honeymoons in luxury rental cars. If shopping is your preferred leisure activity, The Mall at 163rd Street is eager to accommodate. Alternatively, for those that want to have fun outdoors, the Parks and Recreation Center offers four racquetball courts, 18 tennis courts, two paddleball courts, and a charming picnic area that is easily accessible in a luxury sports car.

North Miami Beach is definitely worth visiting and enjoying from behind the wheel of a luxury car. As a matter of fact, under the hot Miami sun, an exotic car is the only way to travel with style for important business meetings, special events, or just for the adventure of a lifetime. As you look and feel like a million dollars without spending nearly that amount, you can shop, dine at the finest restaurants, play tennis, or cherish a torrid day under the sun. In a place known for its extravagant beauty, you owe it to yourself to rent a luxury car that is equally as exotic and beautiful as the town itself.

Zip Codes: 33160

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