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From relatively small beginnings, the city of North Bay Village is an ever-growing community with much to offer. Located just a short distance from mainland Miami-Dade County, North Bay is a residential area that has all the charm of a luxury resort. In the town’s past, most of the city was under water with only five acres of dry land that could be used for construction. Thanks to plenty of water drainage and remodeling, the land mass expanded to what is today known as North Bay Village. It later incorporated Harbor Island and Treasure Island, further improving and developing its infrastructure. Home to a rich history in broadcasting, it is known in South Florida as the City of Radio with the first station dating back to 1926.

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The charm of North Bay Village comes from its accessibility and variety, acting as both a great place to live and a getaway destination. The roads are smooth and ideal, making it pleasurable to cruise along in an exotic rental car. Over the years, the nightlife in North Bay Village has become one its key attractions, and it was even frequented by members of the iconic Rat Pack. Imagine your Lamborghini being parked outside a club that was owned by Dean Martin himself. A good luxury rental car blends both form and function, allowing you to drift along the palm tree covered coastline and enjoy the astounding views.

The mild and pleasant weather makes having a convertible exotic car necessary, and it will turn any simple experience into something that demands to be remembered. This is the true advantage of any luxurious car – its ability to transcend banality and catalyze any situation. Not many people can say that they drove an Aston Martin or Bentley in a place that used to be under water. Most of the sights are simple to find along the John F. Kennedy Causeway in your exotic rental car, so you can focus your attention on the experience of being behind the wheel of a luxury sports car instead of on your GPS or atlas.

The three islands are littered with tourist attractions, from the natural beauty of Miami Beach to the charm of its local businesses. There are plenty of shops and boutiques to visit during the day in your luxury sports car while waiting for the infamous nightlife to begin. The natural and urban attributes blend seamlessly, making North Bay Village one of the most coveted hot spots for visitors wishing to have a good time. It can also act as a travel hub because it connects Miami and Miami Beach with routes that lead to the port of Miami, downtown Miami and South Beach. Something can also be said about the quality of its hotels, but, given the allure of the city itself, it’s unlikely that you will spend much time indoors and will instead explore in your luxury car rental.

There are plenty of ways in which you can experience a city, but that experience can always be improved from behind the wheel of a luxurious car. North Bay Village is familiar yet exotic, and the only way to do it justice is to rent a Porsche or Ferrari, put the top down, and start making memories. It doesn't cost as much as you may think, and you can rent an exotic car for just the right amount of time you need to make the right impression or forge a Miami-Dade adventure while still fitting your budget.

Zip Codes: 33141

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