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October 22, 2014
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Miami exotic car rental


The bustling city of Miami is the jewel of Miami-Dade County and has a bit of something to awe and excite anyone. It is home to a host of industries yet it still retains a comfortable feel with an attention to the finer details that make a city worth visiting or calling home. In fact, Forbes magazine recently named Miami as “America's Cleanest City.” This means you won't encounter the filth and grime that nearly always accompany an urban mecca there, so it's only fitting to want to tour the scene in style. What better way to ooze the sophistication and elegance to match your surrounding is there than to see its sights from the driver's seat of a luxurious car?

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Now that exotic car rentals are popping up all across the nation, including Miami-Dade County, you can splurge on making your dream of being in control of a sporty Lamborghini or sleek Aston Martin without selling your proverbial soul to pay the piper. Luxury car rental services allow you to tailor your experience to your budget with packages by the day, week, and often hour. This means you can zoom along Miami's palm-lined streets in an exotic car you've heretofore only fantasized about, seeing how the other half lives while drawing all eyes on you. After all, seeing the sights of America's Cleanest City deserves to be done in the most luxurious car possible.

With over 55 square miles in area, there's no shortage of sights and sounds to experience as you explore Miami in superior style when you rent an exotic car. Forget consulting your cell phone or a map for directions to the next exciting stop because there's likely a GPS built right into the luxury car of your choosing. Let your towering Hummer or lightning-fast Maserati do all the work to guide you as you enjoy the ride and marvel at the unexpected extras that come in a luxury car. Enjoy them while you can, and feel free to do things like drop the top to work on your tan or adjust the temperature of your seat to your pleasing.

When you tour Miami in an exotic car rental, there are some things you won't want to miss. Explore the culture of the region by zooming over to the Miami City Ballet for a heart-stopping performance, or expand your horizons in the Wynwood Art District. Don't let your day or evening with your luxury car end there. Cruise the streets until you find a prime spot to sample local cuisine to fuel up properly for a night of dancing to the city's signature Latin beats. When you arrive at the hottest, most exclusive clubs in the city, your chances of admission are exponentially higher when the valet parks your Porsche or Mercedes-Benz.

When you're amid the awe-inspiring activity with which Miami is infused, you don't want to dampen the experience by driving around in an average minivan or sedan. For a fraction of the cost of ownership, you can harness the power and sophistication of a luxury car like a BMW or Maybach. Although Miami is a city you're likely to remember fondly all on its own, the memory of your visit or attendance of a special event becomes phenomenal when done with an exotic sports car at your side.


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