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Formerly known as Country Club Estates, Miami Springs is the remnant of one of the first planned communities in Florida, much like other Miami-Dade County cities, such as Opa-locka and Coral Gables. As with other planned communities turned cities, Miami Springs began with an architectural theme, showcasing the Pueblo Revival born in New Mexico. Although much time has passed since its incorporation in 1926, the city still has plenty of buildings designed in this Southwest style, easily viewed and enjoyed from behind the wheel of a luxury car.

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Whether you're in Miami Springs to seal a stellar business deal or for a relaxing weekend getaway, the experience can be greatly enhanced by arriving there in the exotic car of your dreams. With luxury car rental services available in the Miami-Dade area, satiating your desire to drive a Maserati, Lamborghini, or even be chauffeured in a Rolls Royce is within your reach. It's not nearly as expensive as you might think, and you can choose a package to fit your budget and needs. There's really no excuse not to splurge and forge the adventure of a lifetime in the luxury rental car of your choosing.

While touring Miami Springs in your exotic rental car, there are a few spots you won't want to skip or simply drive by. The Curtiss Mansion, once owned by the city's founder, is a quintessential example of the Pueblo Revival style intended for the area. Despite burning twice, the mansion has been restored to its previous grandeur and deserves to be seen. The Miami Springs Historical Building is another good spot to get a feel for the personality of the city in its past and present. You can also drive over the attractive Pony Swing Bridge over the Miami River Canal in your luxury car rental.

Whatever you decide to see or do while in Miami Springs or if you just want to wow the crowd at a special event, an exotic car rental takes the experience from just fun to the pinnacle of excitement. Don't let worries about your budget stop you from climbing into the driver's seat of your dream Aston Martin or McLaren convertible. There really is a package available that won't send you into a downward financial spiral, and the experience is one you'll never forget. Just explore your options for seeing Miami Springs up close and personal with a luxury car rental at your side.

Zip Codes: 33166, 33266

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