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The Miami-Dade County town of Miami Lakes is the result of a vision of master-planner Lester Collins and former Florida State Senator Ernest Graham. Graham had a plethora of property north or Miami and a dream to develop it into a residential area with a friendly, small-town feel. Collins had the development know-how, and they became a team to be reckoned with back in 1962, eventually turning otherwise uninteresting property into a lovely community with tree-lined roads and curving lakes that provide a scenic view while cruising in a luxurious car. Although Miami Lake's founders are no longer part of the picture, their legacy still grows and improves today.

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If you're visiting Miami Lakes for wheeling and dealing in its continuing development or just looking for a pleasurable getaway, consider the benefits of doing so in an exotic car rental. Imagine the statement you make without uttering a single word when you arrive at a business deal in a decadent Rolls Royce or Maybach. Alternatively, imagine the memories you can make just taking a Lamborghini or Porsche for a spin on Miami Lakes' beautiful roads. With luxury car rental services on the Miami-Dade County scene, this experience is possible at a rate that can fit virtually any budget.

Miami Lakes isn't a large town at just 6.4 square miles, so it doesn't take long to learn your way around in the exotic rental car of your choice. In fact, one of the benefits of touring an unknown area in a luxurious car is it likely has built-in GPS to guide you, freeing your hands from consulting your cell or atlas for directions and allowing you to fully enjoy the drive. If you do actually lose your way, just pull over your rented Aston Martin or Ferrari to ask one of Miami Lakes' friendly residents to put you back on the right path to your destination.

Whether you're in Miami Lakes for a business meeting, fundraising event, or weekend getaway, there are a few sights you won't want to miss. In the Royal Oaks Parks Community Center, there is an indoor Veteran's Memorial unlike any other one you've ever seen. With ornate wooden carvings and stained glass scenes, it is a fitting tribute to valuable services veterans have provided throughout the years. You'll also want to zip over to Main Street at the town's center in your exotic car to see its historic district and sample local fare or purchase souvenirs for family and friends.

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