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Miami Gardens, formerly known as Norland or Norwood, lies just outside of Miami in the northeastern part of Miami-Dade County. Around the time of its incorporation in 2003, the city had a bad rap for having a lot of low-income housing; however, in recent years, Miami Gardens has been revitalized into a thriving community full of potential. This makes it a prime area for development, and the city draws a large amount of investors. If you are involved in one of the many recent real estate or development projects, it could really pay off in the long run if you make a stellar impression on your associates right from the start by showing up in an exotic car rental.

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When powerful people see you emerge from a luxury sports car, such as a sleek Aston Martin or sporty Maserati, you send the message that you're one of them. That earns you respect and marks you as serious player on the business field. Fortunately, with exotic car rentals on the Miami-Dade scene, you don't have to hock all of your assets to make a luxury car purchase. Instead, you can rent the luxurious car of your choosing just for the time you need to seal the deal or wow colleagues at a special event. This costs a mere fraction of the price of ownership while letting you reap all of the rewards.

Whether you're in Miami Gardens for business or pleasure, make the most of your time behind the wheel of a power-packed Lamborghini or towering Hummer. After all, you don't get to drive one every day. Since Miami Gardens is relatively easy to navigate with numbered roads and Miami Gardens Drive as its major roadway, you don't have to waste time fiddling with the GPS or consulting maps to find your destination. Just keep your focus on the sheer joy that comes from being in control of a high-performance luxury car with extras galore.

While you're in the Miami Gardens area, there are a few points of interest worth taking a peek as you cruise about town in your exotic car rental. Sports fans will definitely want to see Sun Life Stadium, which is where the Miami Dolphins practice and is the site for the annual Orange Bowl. If you seek more thrills than those you get from driving a luxury sports car, play the ponies for the chance to make a fortune at the nearby Calder Race Course. Miami Gardens also has plenty of specialty shops to stock up on souvenirs and quality restaurants to fuel you through the day.

If you think it's excessive to rent a Ferrari or Porsche to arrive at your next Miami Gardens business or social event, think again. Exotic car rental services aren't like making a commitment to purchase or nearly as costly; rent a luxury car just for the time you need in a package that fits your budget. Whether you seek to wow people at a wedding or make a powerful impression on potential business associates, renting an exotic car is an investment you won't regret. As you schmooze with the style a luxurious car lends, you gain the added perk of driving the car of your dreams.

Zip Codes: 33056

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