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October 7, 2014
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Just south of Miami Beach lies Key Biscayne, an island village inn Miami-Dade County. Full of ocean views and pristine white sand, this seaside community has plenty to offer both its residents and visitors. If planning to attend a special event or have a weekend getaway there, consider an exotic car rental to see the sights. It doesn't cost as much as you might think, and you can adjust the amount of time you have a sporty Maserati or extraordinary Rolls Royce to your budget. With a luxurious car at your disposal, your experience in Key Biscayne goes from just fun to fabulous.

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Call SoBe VIP to rent an exotic car in Key Biscayne. Choose from 16 makes of luxury and exotic sports cars. Contact us for prices and terms.

As you cruise up and down the roads of this Miami-Dade village in a luxury car rental, soak up some rays with the top down or soak in the satisfaction of knowing all eyes are on you. Enjoy the smell of the leather upholstery in a Mercedes-Benz or the pin-point turns a Lamborghini can make as you gratify your need for speed. The possibilities for how an exotic car rental can enhance your stay in Key Biscayne are limitless. You deserve to be treated to the elite taste of success a luxury car brings, and the memory of being behind the wheel is one you'll always remember.

Since Key Biscayne is a mere 1.4 square miles in area, it doesn't take long to find where you want to go. In fact, most of the sights are right off of the Rickenbacker Causeway, which is the road that takes you onto the island from Miami. Consequently, you won't have to spend a lot of time fiddling with the GPS or studying maps to find your way around Key Biscayne in your luxury car rental. This allows you to fully appreciate the superior comfort and high performance that comes with exotic cars, and you could even wave at the less-fortunate passersby on foot or in plain Jane automobiles.

Whether you're in this Miami-Dade village for business or pleasure, there are a few attractions you won't want to miss. Drive by the site where Richard Nixon's “Winter Whitehouse” once stood in your luxury rental car while resting easy in the knowledge you are not a crook. Then, head off to Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area to get your heart pumping in the beautiful outdoors with an afternoon jog or impromptu tennis match. Don't forget the water, and snatch up the opportunity to scuba dive or windsurf. Your exotic car rental will be waiting to escort you away when you return.

Key Biscayne is full of wonders, and the biggest part of the fun can be experiencing what it's like to be in the driver's seat of your dream car. It doesn't matter if you're flying solo or have the whole family with you because the memory of zooming down the road in a sporty Fisker or hot little Porsche will likely eclipse your recollection of anything else. The stellar experience of driving an exotic car rental makes you feel like a superstar as you cruise the open road.

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