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Indian Creek is an extremely exclusive village in Miami-Dade County and home to numerous celebrities. If you want to fit in with the resident crowd there, you should exude the sophistication and class associated with the area and its people. A cost-effective way to do that is by renting an exotic car to explore the island or attend an event there. With that luxury car at your side, no one will be the wiser about your financial situation or social status. After all, you don't want to cruise in just any old car while in the eighth highest-income spot in the United States.

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Enjoy the seaside views from inside a luxurious car, such as a sporty Mercedes Benz or sensual Aston Martin, as you cruise up and down the roads of Indian Creek. When you are seen emerging from the exotic car rental of your choice, you'll look just like one of their own and will find immediate acceptance from the crowd. Although many people may say otherwise, first impressions do count, especially when you're talking about the elite residents of Indian Creek. A luxury car rental goes a long way in establishing your reputation without costing you a fortune.

Since Indian Creek is a mere 0.4 square miles in area, navigating the Miami-Dade village is a thing of ease. You shouldn't even have to whip out your cell phone to check the map or GPS; just zoom down the main drag and pull your exotic car over when you see your final destination. Along the way, take in the sights and enjoy glimpses of billion-dollar homes as you drive by. The main road loops around the island, and nearly everywhere you could want to go in your luxury sports car is right off of it.

Without an invitation from one of the village's residents, you won't be able to access much of Indian Creek. The entire center of the island is a highly exclusive golf course. Its single entrance is heavily guarded, and the area is regularly patrolled by a private police force. When you rent a Porsche or Ferrari to go to Indian Creek, however, you increase your chances of making friends with one of the billionaires in the village. If you're lucky, you could be brushing elbows with a renowned singer, supermodel, or professional athletes over eighteen holes in no time.

Even if you don't become besties with one of this Miami-Dade County island's celebrities, you can feel like one of them as you drive by in a Bentley or Hummer exotic car. The beauty of luxury car rentals is that you don't have to shell out the entire purchase price or even have that kind of dough at all. You can rent a Lamborghini or Fisker for just the right amount of time for your needs, whether it's for a single hour or an entire weekend. Driving an exotic car and seeing how the other half lives provides a memory you will never forget, and you even stand a chance to make prime business connections or high-status friends.

Zip code: 33154

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