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If the smell of salt air and feeling of sand beneath your feet is your thing, Golden Beach is the place to be. At just 0.3 square miles in area, it may not be big, but this Miami-Dade County city packs quite a punch. It attracts the most elite people to its pristine shores and has even been home to celebrities like Ricky Martin and Eric Clapton. With such a high-class crowd, you don't want to arrive in a ho-hum mini-van or four-door sedan. Now that exotic car rental services are near at affordable prices, arrive on the Golden Beach scene with a bang that won't be forgotten.

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The Aston Martin or Rolls Royce you choose from an exotic car fleet will be in good company on Golden Beach. There is no shortage of luxury sports cars to fill the garages of the multi-million dollar houses. In fact, if you were to arrive in anything less classy, you would stick out like a sore thumb and perhaps be mistaken for riff-raff by the Miami-Dade city's quite large police force. Even if you don't have the bank roll of the residents, affordable luxury car rentals help you fake it until your circumstances improve.

Since the Golden Beach community is a mere four blocks wide, you won't have any trouble finding your way behind the wheel of a sporty McLaren or knockout Fisker. Everything is within easy reach of Collins Avenue, also known as State Road A1A, so leave your navigation devices behind and just enjoy the ocean views as you ride in the superior comfort luxury sports cars provide. Enjoy the stares of admiration your exotic car brings as you traverse the main road in search of adventure, or just arrive at the next Golden Beach social event in sophisticated style.

While you're in this exclusive Miami-Dade community, there are a few places you won't want to miss as you make a big splash in your luxury sports car. Invite important business contacts you want to impress to play a game of tennis or basketball beside the sea. If you need a few last-minute essentials or souvenirs to take back to family and friends, the designer shops along the strip are first-rate and full of hard-to-find novelties. Once you've worked up an appetite, take a quick drive in your exotic car to one of the well-known restaurants for a true culinary treat.

As you project an image worthy of a millionaire in an ultra-fast Maserati or imposing Hummer, opportunities to climb the social and business ladder abound in a community as exclusive as Golden Beach. Fortunately, with exotic rental car services available in the Miami-Dade County area, you don't have to look far to find a luxury car to blend in with the crowd. There's a reason why ownership of these exotic cars is limited to those of considerable means, but you can claim the experience of driving one of these high-performance beauties for a short while at a price most anyone can afford.

Zip codes: 33160

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