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Named for the Spanish word for “gate,” the village of El Portal in Miami-Dade County is certainly the gateway between Miami Shores and Miami. In fact, in the early 20th century, two wooden gates actually stood as the gateway into El Portal. It has been an incorporated village since 1937 and is comprised of three small neighborhoods – Sherwood Forest, El Jardin, and El Portal. The entire village, however, is full of scenic views and photo opportunities, and the experience can only be improved when toured from the well-upholstered seat of a luxury car rental.

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Few things could be better than touring the area in a fancy Ferrari or snazzy Aston Martin with the top down as the breeze tickles your temples, and this is an experience you don't have to leave in the realm of fantasy. Now that exotic car rentals are on the Miami-Dade scene, you can rent the car of your dreams for a thrilling day or special event in El Portal without leaving your bank account in the red. Everything is improved when you're behind the wheel of a luxury sport car, and the memories you can make are off the charts.

Although El Portal's fame may pale in comparison to adjacent Miami, it is a place definitely worth a visit in your exotic car rental. Thanks to its small size of just 0.4 square miles, anything you want to find is near, so you won't be baffled with scores of twists and turns to locate your final destination. You could likely tour it on the fly without any navigation devices or consultations with maps in the comfort of your luxury car. Wherever you go in El Portal, beauty abounds, so you can actually enjoy unplanned drives around the area without the constraint of an itinerary.

For over 50 years, the charming village of El Portal was a designated bird sanctuary. Although you may not be a budding ornithologist, the sanctuary status protects the natural landscape from harm, making your drive through the area in your exotic car incredibly scenic. You can also make a stop at Little River Mound, an ancient burial mound of prehistoric Indian origin and the first archaeological site in Miami-Dade to gain recognition and, subsequently, preservation. When you've had your fill of history, take a leisurely tour of the residential area full of majestic homes in your luxury car rental.

Whether you choose to rent a Maserati or sophisticated Rolls Royce to become acquainted with the El Portal village, you're sure to appreciate the decision to ride in style. Exotic car rentals provide the opportunity to be a king or queen for a day, an experience enhanced while surrounded by the attractive setting of this Miami-Dade area. See the sights, try some local cuisine, and even make a few business contacts along the way, then top off a wonderful day in El Portal by taking the luxury car of your dreams onto the open road.

Zip Codes: 33138, 33150

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