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September 27, 2014
September 27, 2014
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At first glance, Cutler Bay is just another pretty spot in Miami-Dade County that has ocean views and warm weather. Upon closer look, however, this area known as Cutler Ridge until its recent incorporation in 2005 has a wealth of historical significance and things to do. As you explore this picturesque and fascinating city, you can enhance the experience by doing it in an exotic car rental. After all, everything's better when you drive there in the utmost style while enjoying the superior comfort and handling a luxury car can provide.

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When you rent a Ferrari or power-packed Hummer, you make a statement without saying a word. As you explore Cutler Bay from your luxury rental car, you can even feel the eyes full of envy and awe following you as you zoom down the road. Aside from this instant boost to your image, driving an exotic car provides you with an insider look at how the other half lives, who likely take the superior power and handling luxurious cars provide for granted. Unlike them, you can fully appreciate the experience of being behind the wheel of a sporty Fisker or sophisticated Bentley.

Cutler Bay isn't that big being only approximately five square miles in area. You could easily drive by all the major sites in your exotic car rental in just a day. If you want to truly explore what this town has to offer, however, you'll have to park your luxury car for a bit while you delve deeper into places like the Tequesta burial mounds or the Everglades National Park. Once you've satiated your need to absorb the history or natural wonders of the area, take your exotic car for a spin to cap off your day in style.

While you're in the Cutler Bay area, there are a couple of sites you won't want to miss. The Coral Castle is a mysterious wonder carved from coral by a single man using means he never shared, and it is truly a magical place. The Charles Deering Estate is another must-see, as it's a site of numerous archeological findings, such as mammoth and saber-toothed tiger remains. Exploring the coastline of Cutler Bay as you smell the salt air from inside a luxury car rental, however, will likely be the most memorable part of your trip.

With exotic rental car services available in Miami-Dade County, finding the dream car for your weekend getaway or special event in Cutler Bay is just around the corner. When you rent a Lamborghini or McLaren for the day, week, or even hour, you gain the ability to make a powerful impression on people who count while satisfying your thrill-seeking nature. A luxurious car adds the oomph to your Cutler Bay adventure, and you can tailor the experience to meet your financial considerations.

Zip codes: 33157, 33189

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