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The village of Biscayne Park has been an incorporated town in Miami-Dade County since 1931, and it has had quite a makeover since the Great Depression. Although it is a region often overlooked on the map due to its small area of approximately 0.6 square miles, the village actually has a quaint feel that is ideal for a romantic getaway or a family day trip. Add the mode of transportation as an exotic sports car, and an otherwise pleasant trip goes from nice to phenomenal. With luxury rental car services nearby, there's simply no excuse to settle.

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When the Biscayne Park area was still unincorporated, the landscape was primarily one full of tomato fields. One of the chief landowners, horticulturist Arthur Griffing, decided to develop the area. He began by transforming his lands into a virtual botanical garden with modest homes, remains of which are still there today, and he lured potential buyers to his “Gateway to Miami” with a free strawberry shortcake with purchase. Quite a few berry-filled treats later, what is now Biscayne Park is a thriving community you can explore in style from an exotic car rental.

Biscayne Park is situated on the outskirts of some of Miami-Dade's most exciting and bustling regions, yet it is a quiet oasis ideal for relaxation. This makes it an ideal spot to set up home base. Simply zip up to North Miami or down to Miami Shores in your luxury car rental, then ride back in style when you've had enough of the teeming crowds. You could also just stay put in Biscayne Park and avoid the hustle and bustle altogether, perusing the well-landscaped region from behind the wheel of a luxurious car like a Maserati or Aston Martin.

While exploring the sights in Biscayne Park in your exotic car rental, it's hard to miss the log cabin smack dab in the middle of this singular village. The building's funding came from individual donations of just $5 to $20 apiece, which was actually quite generous in the 1930s and shows the tenacity of the community's members. Today, the log cabin stands as a remembrance of the village's survival through the Great Depression and is host to many of the town's daily operations. You can also park your exotic car to explore the local shops or the Ed Burke Recreation Center.

Regardless of what you choose to see or do while visiting Biscayne Park in Miami-Dade County, the experience can only get better when you get to and from in a luxury sports car. Rent a Lamborghini or Ferrari, and you'll stand out in the crowd of ho-hum coupes and mini vans. As soon as you slide into that driver's seat, you are transformed into a person of means and discriminating tastes without even having to say a word. With just a bit of assistance from an exotic rental car, you can live out your greatest fantasies with the picturesque backdrop of Biscayne Park.

Zip codes: 33161

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