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September 27, 2014
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The Bay Harbor Islands are a pair of islands separated from the mainland of Miami-Dade County by Biscayne Bay. This exclusive area was founded in 1947 by Shepard Broad, a Belarusian-American lawyer and philanthropist. Broad purchased the 253 acres of swampland and developed the two islands into a seaside oasis you can now explore from an exotic car rental. Once the Bay Harbor Islands were transformed, Broad was elected as mayor for 26 consecutive terms, and he took a mere $1 a year as his pay.

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Today, the Bay Harbor Islands likely exceed their founder's expectations with no shortage of upscale condominiums, vacation rentals, office buildings, and retail shops. It is an ideal spot for a romantic weekend getaway or day trip, an experience that can only be enhanced by a luxury car rental. Just imagine exploring the main drag and side streets with ocean views from behind the wheel of a high-performance, stylish Porsche or Ferrari. All eyes would be on you, and the memory of driving an exotic car would be one sure to last.

The Bay Harbor Islands are a cinch to navigate, and they are connected to the mainland by the Broad Causeway named after the area's founder. The islands are a mere 20 minutes away from Miami International Airport, so a luxury rental car company is within easy reach with a broad selection of exotic sports cars to choose from the fleet. From the Bay Harbor Islands, you can explore Indian Creek Island to the south, and the iconic Miami Beach with sizzling nightlife is just minutes away. There is tons to see and do in the area, and you can get there in superior comfort and style in a luxurious car.

Rent a Lamborghini or Mercedes-Benz to peruse the palm-lined streets of the Bay Harbor Islands. The quaint, two-block business district of Kane Concourse has fine indoor and outdoor art, a wide selection of scrumptious cuisine, and plenty of designer shops to purchase last-minute essentials or souvenirs. Of course, you can't forget the beach! Simply park your exotic car rental to hit the sand for plenty of sun and surf excitement before packing it up for the short drive or walk back to the hotel for cocktails while watching the sun set.

Although you could tour the Bay Harbor Islands in just any old car or even by foot, it doesn't have the same appeal as seeing the sites in the exotic rental car of your dreams. When you rent a McLaren or Maserati, your experience goes full throttle, transforming what would otherwise be a pleasant trip into one for the record books. Now that luxury car rentals are available on the Miami-Dade County scene, there's no excuse to settle for the ordinary when the extraordinary is within reach at a price more reasonable than you perhaps think.

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