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August 5, 2014
August 8, 2014
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Named for the Spanish word for “adventure,” Aventura is an aptly named suburban city in Miami-Dade County with plenty to see and do packed into a small area of just 3.5 square miles. The area formerly known as Turnberry originally revolved around the development of a group of condominiums, and the city's name sprung from one of the developer's off-hand comments of “What an adventure this is going to be.” Since that time, the area has flourished, and Aventura is now a not-so-well-kept secret hideaway within Miami-Dade, easily accessible in an exotic car rental.

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While spending a few hours or even days exploring the coastline and sites of Aventura, the experience can only be enhanced when behind the wheel of an exotic rental car. Rent a Lamborghini, for instance, to drop the top and zip along the roads in style, or arrive at a local fundraising event full of potential business contacts in a sporty Mercedes-Benz. The possibilities are without limit when you develop a sophisticated image or seek memorable thrills in the driver's seat of an exotic car rental in Miami-Dade County's own adventurous Aventura.

The adventures you can uncover with assistance from an exotic car rental are not limited to shopping, however. At the heart of Aventura lies the The Turnberry Golf Course, where you can whip into the parking lot in your hot Aston Martin convertible or attention-grabbing Hummer before playing nine holes. Nearby is a three-mile walking or jogging promenade with plenty of scenic views to enjoy as your heart gets pumping. Then, finish off your Aventura experience with a relaxing drive by Waterways Park or another of the many beautiful public areas in your exotic car rental before taking in the latest show at the city's new Liberal Arts Center.

If shopping is a favored pastime, Aventura is a virtual Mecca to find unusual trinkets, designer clothes, or miscellany. Aventura Mall draws plenty of visitors to its sprawling 2,400,000 square foot indoor facilities and has plenty of safe, patrolled parking for your exotic rental car. There are also several outdoor shopping plazas, including but not limited to Aventura Shopping Center, The Shoppes at the Waterways, The Promenade Shops, and Loehmann's Fashion Island. They are all easy to find in your luxury sports car, leaving no excuses for forgetting to pick up souvenirs for your family and friends.

This suburban city, although small in expanse, is chock full of people from a diverse, multicultural background and loads of excitement. It is a cinch to get to Aventura in your exotic car rental of a sleek Porsche or refined Bentley by I-95, and most of the major attractions are easily accessible from Biscayne Boulevard running north and south or the William H. Lehman Causeway that runs east and west. With so little need to rely on navigation devices or waste time reading maps, you can remain focused on the adventures the area has to offer while exploring in your luxurious rental car.

Zip codes: 33160, 33180, 33280

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