Whether you are visiting Miami-Dade County,  Florida for the first time or have lived there all your life, there is no end to the possibilities for things to do and see with the added luxury of an exotic car rental. The county is home to 35 incorporated cities and a slew of unincorporated areas with hidden jewels you may miss or not fully appreciate without a Mercedes rental. As you jet from destination to destination within Miami-Dade, you can enjoy the superior comfort and performance a luxury rental car provides, and, as you stop to smell the proverbial roses, you'll be the envy of passersby.

The central, northern, and eastern portions of Miami-Dade County have all the conveniences and culture you expect from big cities, including the massive business sector of southern Florida, Downtown Miami. In contrast, pastoral scenes abound in the agricultural areas like Homestead and Redland in the southern portion of the county. In the western portion of Miami-Dade, the only residents you'll find are in a Miccosukee tribal village adjacent to the Everglades National Park. With such a variety of landscapes in a region, there is no end to the possible adventures you can find while behind the wheel of a sports car rental like a Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Rent Exotic and Luxury Cars in:

A host of communities with individual personalities as unique as yours wait for you to explore them in Dade County. Take a day to tour one or two, or take your exotic rental car for the week to see them all. Each of these 35 incorporated cities in Miami-Dade has something to captivate your senses, and the experience is always better when you get there in the superior comfort that luxury sports cars are known to provide.



Within Miami proper, tourism is at the heart of the economy, ensuring entertainment is always a short drive away in a Maserati or Bentley rental. The economic profile of Miami-Dade as a whole, however, isn't so centered on the tourist industry. With both the Carribbean and Latin America nearby, international trade is edging its way onto center stage. In fact, the billions of dollars annually in merchandise trade that goes through Miami-Dade County has earned it the nickname of “Gateway to the Americas.” Among the top imports are apparel and accessories, and the top exports are medical equipment and electrical machinery.

Many of the top corporations in the United States have their headquarters in Miami-Dade County, including Burger King, Brightstar Corporation, World Atlantic Airlines, and Norwegian Cruise Line. With such an array of big names making their corporate home in the area, unemployment runs relatively low. There is also a lower cost of living in Miami-Dade than in other major urban areas like New York, Los Angeles, or Washington DC, and it is rapidly growing in population.



Since Miami-Dade County relies heavily on tourist dollars to thrive, you can expect a wide array of delights to await you when you emerge from behind the wheel of a luxury rental car. Whether you tour the area with the whole family in an elegant Maybach rental or fly solo in sporty two-seater, there's something to fit your needs and mood to do. The experience can only be enhanced by the experience of getting there in an exotic car rental, fulfilling the fantasy of driving a top-of-the-line vehicle and showing you off to your best advantage.


Animal lovers may enjoy a day at the 290-acre cageless Metrozoo followed by a scenic drive along the coast in an Audi or Aston Martin rental. If lush vegetation rife with photo opportunities is more your thing, tour one of the many botanical gardens in Miami-Dade, such as the Fairchild Tropical Garden in Coral Gables, before you take your high-performance sports car rental for a spin down the strip. You could even rent a Rolls Royce to drive out to a historical site, such as the Deering Estate in Palmetto Bay before watching the sun set with the top down.



You are never far from a beach in Miami-Dade County, and some of the most sought-after spots in Florida are a short drive away in your exotic car rental. Spend the day zipping along the coastline in a luxury BMW made for two, smelling the salt air while the wind toys playfully in your hair and across your face. Alternatively, you could enjoy the surf and sand with the family before zooming off in your sports car rental to hobnob with country club elite.

Crandon Park Beach in Key Biscayne is one of the more popular beaches in the Miami-Dade area. Set in a lagoon, it is a low surf impact beach, which is great for watching little ones wade by the shore or a leisurely swim with a loved one. Once you've had your fill of the sun, there are plenty of amenities just a short drive away in your exotic car rental, including a championship 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, and plenty of award-winning restaurants to delight your taste buds.

Biscayne Bay isn't the only Miami-Dade beach worth a visit, and it's hard to go wrong with any of the surf-laden spots in the region. Locals hail Haulover Park Beach in Miami as one of the most pristine beaches in the state with beautiful white sand and landscaped sand dunes. Homestead Bayfront Park Beach is another of the many great choices, catering to families with barbecue grills, playgrounds, and plenty of ambiance. The only thing that can top the experience of Miami-Dade County's beaches is the ride home in a luxury Lexus rental.



One of the trendiest and fun-filled scenes in Dade County lies in boating in one of Miami's popular waterways. Whether you charter a private yacht or take a jet ski for a twirl, you won't be alone in your enjoyment of the thrills you can find in the water. With the taste of adventure from the open sea preceded and followed by a ride in your dream exotic car rental, you have all the ingredients necessary to whip up a day for the personal record books.


Sailing is also one of the best ways to casually rub elbows with some of Miami-Dade's jet-setters and corporate elite. Charter a vessel for the day for yourself or a group, then make valuable social and business contacts over drinks at a nearby exclusive lounge or boating club as the sun begins to set. When you drive off in a luxurious McLaren or Porsche rental at the end of the day, you'll have all of your new friends wondering where you've been and, more importantly, where you're going.




Miami-Dade County is known for a lot of things, but few of its many attractions could eclipse the excitement of its nightlife. With a little tenacity and a lot of style, entry into exclusive clubs full of celebrities and other A-listers is within your grasp. It certainly doesn't hurt your chances to get in when you take advantage of valet service for your sports car rental that fits the image you need to project.


The strip on South Beach is known as a moving and grooving Mecca, and there's no shortage of musical talent and jaw-dropping shows on any given night of the week. As the drinks begin to flow and intoxicating beats wash over the atmosphere, it's hard to not get caught up in all the excitement. Give into the sensation to experience the nightlife Miami-Dade County does best before topping off a perfect night with a drive in your luxurious Range Rover rental car.


Bumping and grinding on a crowded dance floor isn't the only nightlife experience that Miami-Dade has to offer, however. Try Brickell for a more Indie scene or Little Havana for traditional Latin flair. Wherever you choose to entertain yourself for the night will only be enhanced by the high-class and high-performance exotic car rental you use to get you there and back in style.

Artistic Community


As a veritable melting pot in itself, it's no surprise that Miami-Dade has cultivated a rich artistic tradition that reflects an array of cultural flavors. Nearly every weekend marks the opening of an up-and-coming or seasoned artist's collection, and there's no better way to put your best foot forward when establishing yourself as a potential art expert or collector than arriving on the scene in a luxury sports car that fits the high-profile image you want to exude.


You are not limited to art galleries to take in a little Miami-Dade culture in your leisure time. Zoom off to the latest performing arts must-see in your Hummer or Fisker rental. Whether you choose to take in an award-winning musical or a modern dance troupe, it's not hard to put together a memorable evening expanding the limits of your mind before testing the limits of your exotic car rental on the road.


It isn't even necessary to get out of your luxury sports car to view fantastic art in Miami-Dade County. There are tons of architectural masterpieces within the sprawling city that look even better when viewed with the top down. Or, you can drive through one of the many public outdoor art displays. Bhakti Baxter's “Coral Reef City,” for instance, brings stellar photography of coral to mundane parking booths, and many more instances of public art are sprinkled throughout Miami-Dade.


Real Estate Market

With the relatively low cost of urban living and array of things to see and do, you may be considering making a permanent move to Miami-Dade County or at least an upward move in the quality of your Miami area home or apartment. After all, Miami-Dade has it all – great school system, culture, beautiful beaches, and a diverse range of attractions. In a buyer's market, it just makes sense to consider the real estate market in Dade County.


Whether you're looking for a house, condominium, or timeshare, there's no shortage of real estate professionals in Miami-Dade to point you in the right direction. From being part of the buzz at Miami's heart in a high rise to living the quiet life in style on the outskirts, there is something to fit your needs and unique personality. Survey all of your options in the comfort and prestige you desire while driving to each potential home site in your luxury rental car.

Excitement of Exploration


You can read all the tour guides you want and meticulously plan every moment of your day in Miami-Dade County, and there will always be something to surprise you. In fact, some of the greatest joys to be found in the area while driving your exotic car rental are the spots you happen upon with a wrong turn or an adventurous side trip. These are the hidden treasures that don't make their way into the standard guidebooks or get a lot of press in the newspaper.


Miami-Dade is your oyster, and, when you rent a Lamborghini or other luxury car, you're guaranteed to find your pearl in the style you've always desired. As your adventures lead you to brush elbows with the stars or feel the waves crash forcefully all around you, know that the excitement doesn't end there. Far more joy awaits you from behind the wheel of an exotic car rental.

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