Whether you choose to rent a Lexus convertible, sedan, or sporty hybrid, the superior engineering and attention to the details is beyond your escape. As a luxury car rental, cars bearing the Lexus name provide a cost-effective way to make a good impression from the get-go on potential employers or give off the aura of success at high-class events. With a slew of Lexus models in the fleets of luxury rental car companies across the state, there's no excuse for ho-hum driving experiences when your image is on the line.

Forget the expense of purchasing a Lexus powerhouse while you're still making a name for yourself. Leave the onus of cleaning and maintenance behind, too. Rent a Lexus just when you need it, and reap all the rewards of ownership without the burden or costly commitment. With the growing prevalence of exotic rental car companies in metropolitan areas and beyond, the social and business playing fields are leveled to give you a chance to make your mark.

Brief History of the Lexus Brand

Lexus' luxury cars are actually produced by the Japanese based Toyota Motor Corporation. The name originated from a sedan project known as F1 and was started in 1983. By 1989, the project came to an end, and the Lexus LS was introduced into the market. Later, they added coupe, sedan, SUV and convertible models. Between 1989 and 2005, all Lexus models were produced under the Toyota marque because it was not a specific brand on its own. The RX crossover debuted, and other hybrid models were soon added in the lineup of the division. Lexus introduced F marque as its own division in 2007 and presented the IS F sport sedan for the first time. By 2009, the long-awaited LFA luxury sports car was launched.

From the beginning, Lexus exotic cars were made in Japan, specifically in the Kyushu and Chubu regions. Today, Lexus operates its own manufacturing, engineering, and designing centers. The company’s sales have increased, and its reach expands the globe. It became the first Japanese car brand to debut in the United States. The Lexus division has a lineup that is wide and reflects power train configuration and model specifications that stem from specific production regions. More luxury car debuts have taken place in Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and in export regions across the world.


Growing Popularity as a Luxury Rental Car

When Lexus emerged on the automotive scene in the 1980s, it really wasn't necessary to go to a lot of trouble to create a buzz. The sporty yet sophisticated appearance coupled with high-end engineering spoke for itself, and affluent individuals flocked to make these luxury cars their own. These exotic cars became status symbols and marked their owners as being in the latest automobile know.

With the expansion of Lexus luxurious cars into European markets, the label just became more and more popular throughout the 1990s. It wasn't long before the Lexus became one of the top-selling premium cars in the world. It even seemed like one of these luxury sports cars lurked in the garage of every celebrity, successful entrepreneur, and member of the nouveau riche around.

Now that you can rent a Lexus for the day, week, or even hour, it is possible for anyone to capture the exhilarating experience of driving a high-performance luxury car. With an exotic car rental company near virtually every city, you don't even have to go far to find the Lexus of your dreams. Whether you opt to drive a sporty convertible along the coast with a special someone or make a splash at the next hot art opening, the experience can only be enhanced with the addition of the exotic car of your choosing.

Most Common Lexus Models for Exotic Car Rental

Although Lexusluxury cars have only been around a short while compared to other premium brands in the industry, there are a dizzying array of models available. Choose a Lexus LFA to capture the thrill of racing without limits, or opt for a four-door IS for a memorable family vacation. Regardless of the model you choose, you won't be disappointed with how a Lexus handles and the comfort it provides. These are some of the models you will most commonly see in the fleets of exotic car rental companies:



Lexus in Pop Culture

Whenever a luxury car arrives on the scene and steals the collective heart of a culture, it is going to also find a place on the silver screen and television. After all, these mediums reflect the things we esteem the most and give us a standard to strive for. Consequently, there is no shortage of the Lexus' appearance in popular TV series and films. Here are just a few favorite screen moments that let the spirit of these luxurious cars shine:

24 – Both Hector Salazar and Wayne Palmer drive an LS 430 in this suspenseful television series starring Kiefer Sutherland

The Sopranos – When he wasn't performing hits or snorting cocaine, Christopher Moltisanti makes moves in an LS 440.

Curb Your Enthusiasm – Comic Larry David drove a silver Lexus GS 400 during the first season of this improvisational show.

Minority Report – Stephen Spielberg requested the Lexus 2054 concept car for multiple action sequences in this sci-fi movie.

Terminator 3 - The T-X stole a Lexus in this movie, but she is pulled over by a cop when she runs a red light.

You don't need to forge mafia ties or consort with futuristic machines in order to make contact with a high-quality Lexus automobile. Without overreaching your budget to purchase one of these premium beauties outright, you can slip behind the wheel of a Lexus as a cost-effective exotic car rental. Rent a Lexus whenever you need to make a statement or good impression, whether it be to show up at a high-profile fundraiser or just cruise in comfort down the highway.

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