Imagine pulling up at the next big event in a sleek and stylish Lamborghini. With the distinctive upwards not outwards opening of the door, even the eyes of the least car savvy individual will be firmly glued on you. Those with whom you're not yet acquainted are suddenly eager to meet you and discover who this hot new person arriving on the scene is all about. This experience can transition from dream to reality when you make an exotic car rental for a special event.


Now that luxury car rentals are more mainstream, you don't just have to rent a Lamborghini for an event. Since a day, weekend, or week is a mere fraction of the cost of purchasing one outright, you can take a luxury sports car for a spin to tour Florida's coastline or just for the fun of it. Regardless of the reason why you turn to an exotic car rental, you are sure to make a memory to last the rest of your life.

Brief History of the Lamborghini Brand


Founded in 1963 to compete with established sports car brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini emerged on the scene with a bang. Within just three years, Italian manufacturing mogul Ferruccio Lamborghini's brand had set the rear mid-engine, rear wheel drive with the 1966 Miura coupe as the norm for the supercars of that time. It didn't take long for the company's high-performace cars to take the automobile industry in Europe and beyond by storm.


With the oil crisis and generally tough economy in 1973, however, Lamborghini sales dropped significantly. Ownership of the company changed hands several times, and there was even a bankruptcy in 1978. In 1987, the Chrysler Corporation took the reigns, but it was later sold to a Malaysian investment group. Finally, Lamborghini became the property of the Volkswagen Group, where it remains to this day.


For nearly a decade, the brand grew in popularity, but the financial and economic crisis of the late 2000s caused a significant drop in its luxury car sales. When the economy improved, Lamborghini's sales began to rise again, and it is currently under the control of Volkswagen's Audi division, producing both sought-after sports cars and powerboat racing engines under the brand name. Despite the company's troubled past, its high-performance cars are considered among the best in the luxury car market today.

Growing Popularity in the United States


After the world experienced an economic crisis in the 2000s, most automobile companies dropped the prices of exotic sports cars to reach a broader audience and essentially stay afloat in a time when even the most wealthy began to watch spending more closely. In recent years, however, the economy began taking an upturn, and Lamborghini sales have rocketed – especially in the United States.

It seems Americans have finally caught on to the value of high-performance luxury cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, for instance. Driving such an elite vehicle shows a taste for the finer things in life and an uparalleled sense of style, qualities virtually anyone climbing the social ladder values. More and more people recognize that there's more to a Lamborghini than the superior handling and knockout acceleration – driving a luxury sports car screams swagger and status to those who matter and are in the know.


Even with the drop in price in recent years, not everyone has the means to buy a Lamborghini with a price tag of between $200,000 and $400,000. That's where exotic car rental companies come into play. Anyone with a little spare change in the coffers can afford to drive the luxury sports car of choice without breaking the bank. Now, almost every big city has Lamborghinis for rent by the day, week, and, in some cases, hour. These exotic car rentals add an entirely new dimension to dressing for success or making a vacation experience the best.


Most Common Lamborghini Models for Exotic Car Rental


One of the reasons Lamborghini produces some of the best luxury vehicles in the industry is how the focus on development is tight. The brand only has a handful of models on the road, but the ones that are there are of the highest quality imaginable. So, regardless which of these stunning models you choose as an exotic car rental, you won't be disappointed:




Lamborghini in Pop Culture


Although the Lamborghini brand is a relative newcomer on the luxury sports car scene, its frequent appearance in pop culture reflects its general popularity among the elite. Those appearances also stoked the flames of desire, inciting the middle class to dream about one day sitting behind the wheel of their very own Lamborghini. Here are just a few of the instances that helped to nurture America's fascination with these Italian supercars of the road:


  • Rain Man – Back in 1988, Tom Cruise portrayed a Lamborghini importer, and the film opened with the delivery of a stunning Countach LP 500 S.
  • Ice, Ice Baby – One-hit wonder rapper Vanilla Ice paid homage to the brand in the “Ice, Ice Baby” lyrics, reveling in onlookers' jealousy as he got out of his very own Lamborghini.
  • Bedazzled – In this cute movie of 2000, the devil (portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley) drove a black Lamborghini Diablo.
  • Nip/Tuck – Playboy plastic surgeon Julian McMahon sported a Gallardo Spyder in this hit television series.
  • The Dark Knight – A Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 was good enough for Batman's crime fighting in the daylight hours.
  • Lamborghini Angels – Rapper Lupe Fiasco used a symbol of a Lamborghini with wings on the cover of his Food & Liquor II album.


Just by quickly revisiting these few appearances of Lamborghini's luxury sports cars in pop culture, it is clear how revered these muscle cars are among the rich and famous. With the growing popularity of exotic car rentals, the average American is no longer limited to just watching these automotive wonders speed across the screen. It is now possible to harness the dream for yourself when you take the leap and rent a Lamborghini to whiz down Florida's highways, show up to the next black-tie affair, or just for the fun of it.

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