Few things could provide the head rush of climbing into a massive Hummer. It has the size and power of its military predecessor with all the perks of a luxury car, such as air-conditioning, high-tech stereo system, and premium upholstery. Driving a Hummer provides a feel of superiority over all the tiny cars on the road without sacrificing a bit of comfort for the ride.

With the growing popularity of exotic car rentals, you don't have to shell out a fortune to take a Hummer for a whirl. Whether you're looking for an off-road adventure or just appreciative stares from colleagues or friends, you can rent a Hummer for the right amount of time to get the job done. Inside one of these imposing vehicles, you can capture the feeling of being on top of the world without adopting the financial debt or maintenance costs that come with ownership.

Brief History of the Hummer Brand

Humvees, the predecessor of Hummers, were originally designed for the United States Army by the AM General Corporation, a subsidiary of American Motors. These gigantic vehicles were capable of following in the ruts formed by tanks and began to replace Jeeps in the early 1980s. Although a civilian version had been considered, one was not produced until Arnold Schwarzenegger decided he wanted one after seeing a procession of Humvees while filming Kindergarten Cop. AM General delivered the first one, known as the Hummer, to the actor in July of 1992.

In 1999, AM General sold the Hummer brand to General Motors. By 2006, these massive luxury vehicles were exported to 32 different countries. As an homage to the brand's military origins, Hummer dealerships modified their buildings to have oversized Quonset Hut styled roofs. Despite the unique nature of these exotic vehicles and snazzy marketing strategies, the brand's sales were not as high as anticipated. In 2008, General Motor's CEO announced that Hummers were being reviewed and may be discontinued.

As part of GM's 2009 bankruptcy, plans for the company to discontinue Hummer production were clear, and it seemed the brand would be sold. Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery Company Ltd in China made an attempt to purchase the brand, but the company ultimately could not raise the needed funds to close the deal. So, in the wake of low customer demand and high fuel prices, Hummer production officially ceased in 2010.

Growing Popularity as a Luxury Rental

Ever since Humvees replaced the use of Jeeps as the go-to vehicle for the United States Army, civilians have developed a fascination with these highly masculine power vehicles. Once Hummers arrived on the scene with Humvee allure and added luxuries, men and women of means scrambled to buy one as the ultimate toy. After all, what other exotic car could compete with this equivalent of an SUV on steroids?

Hummers have a rugged sophistication that is entirely unique, attracting thrill-seekers from far and wide even now that they are no longer in production. These are luxury vehicles designed to test limits and travel to the veritable ends of the earth while crushing any obstacles put in their paths. The brand's demise had nothing to do with a lack of quality but with an economic downturn worldwide and the high cost of the fuel necessary to power adventures in these exotic vehicles.

With the increasing prevalence of luxury rental car companies, however, Hummers are again in high demand. No other vehicle can replicate the experience of being behind the wheel of a military-inspired wonder. So, when you rent a Hummer, you have the primary ingredient for an array of escapades you can look back on fondly throughout your life. If you arrive at a high-profile event or your best friend's door in one of these monsters of the road as an exotic car rental, others will remember that image of you behind the wheel, too.

Hummer Models Available from Exotic Car Rental Companies

Hummers are pretty straightforward in their appeal, and there aren't a lot of different models to baffle you with choices, either. There are only three models in total with just one in production at any given time. The H1 was the first civilian version of the Humvee, and the subsequent models are reflections of improvements made to the brand over time. These are the three models you may encounter when looking to rent a Hummer from an exotic rental car business:



Hummer in Pop Culture

Since the Hummer brand made a big splash in the civilian world, it's not unusual to see these large luxury vehicles or their predecessors on the silver screen. After all, celebrities and other big wigs are commonly owners, and these oversized exotic cars have an undeniable presence that's perfect for the camera. Here are some of our favorite Humvee and Hummer appearances in popular movies:

  • Night at the Museum – Pint-sized Jebediah and Roman General Octavius drive a model yellow H2 to race around the museum.
  • The Rock – The Alcatraz escapee played by Sean Connery steals a Humvee to flee the police in a heart-pounding movie moment.
  • Borat – While Borat peruses vehicles in a dealership, the salesman on the showroom floor notes “women love the Hummers.”
  • Bad Boys II – Will Smith and Martin Lawrence lay waste to shanty houses as they crash down a Cuban hillside in a Hummer H2 Adventure.
  • Transformers – In the original and its sequels, the Autobot's medical officer is a Hummer H2 named Ratchet.

You don't have to crush houses on hillsides or commit grand theft auto to claim the experience of driving a powerful Hummer as your own. With exotic car rental companies' presence in virtually every metropolitan area across the country, one of these massive luxury vehicles awaits your turn behind its wheel. Rent a Hummer to forge an adventure while riding in jaw-dropping style, and it will be an unforgettable time that doesn't require the expense or hassle of exotic car ownership.

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