Image having the ability to turn all eyes on you and elicit feelings of envy and amazement without saying a word. Although it may not give you the power to enslave the opposite sex with a sultry stare or recruit investors with the wave of your hand, arriving on the scene in a Fisker luxury car can edge you closer than you've ever thought possible.

Fortunately, with the expansion of exotic car rental companies to nearly every metropolitan area in Florida, it is possible to slip into the driver's seat of a sporty Fisker without the bankroll of Rockefeller. Simply rent a Fisker for the time you need to make an impression, and garner the benefits of ownership without the costly bill.

Brief History of the Fisker Automotive Brand

Fisker Automotive is a luxury car manufacturing company located in California, specifically in Anaheim. It was founded by Henrik Fisker, Bernhard Koehler, and Quantum Technologies. Their first product was the Fisker Karma, which was a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and was launched in 2008 during the North International Auto Show. Unfortunately, due to severe financial problems in 2012, the production of this exotic sports car was suspended.

Fisker Automobiles Inc. intended to put the Karma on the market in 2009, but that did not happen right away. After a long delay of nearly two years, the company was certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. This enabled the company to start selling these luxurious cars within the United States. The production, however, was halted in the summer of 2012. Fisker needed financial assistance and, when one of the company's key suppliers went belly up, affairs became more complicated. The CEO and the co-founder resigned, and there were subsequently recalls and many customers needing costly exotic car repairs.

The production of Fiskerluxury car models stopped for more than five months without a definite date for its revival. The second model, slated as the Atlantic, was never produced, and production came to a standstill to the surprise of luxury car connoisseurs. Fisker Automotive declared bankruptcy in November 2013 and was later bought by Wanxiang Group, an auto parts company hailing from China, in February 2014. Wanxiang has assured the public that it will soon resume the production of these luxury sports cars and keep the brand alive.

Growing Popularity as a Luxury Rental Car

Despite Fisker Automotive's significant financial troubles, the luxury cars it produced have enjoyed tremendous popularity. As one of the few companies in the United States producing luxury sports cars that are capable of competing with the design and performance of its European counterparts, it instantly became a hit domestically. Celebrities and other A-listers in the public eye rushed to purchase these eye-catching and speedy luxury cars.

Once it became clear that Fisker vehicles were capable of holding their own in the most elite of circles, it was only natural for exotic rental car companies to add them to their fleets. After all, how could a company promising to make peoples' dreams of driving the most luxurious cars known to man not include a sleek and sporty Fisker in its arsenal?

Especially with the uncertainty of the future of these exotic cars, now is the time to indulge in your dream of sliding behind the wheel of a high-performance Fisker. With the prevalence of luxury rental car companies across the nation, it isn't as difficult to rent a Fisker as you may think. Just choose the experience package that fits your needs and budget, and you'll soon be zipping down the highway in unparalleled style or wowing your friends at the next high school reunion.

Most Common Fisker Models

Until the Wanxiang Group makes good on its promise to revive the dream Fisker Automotive began, there aren't a lot of models to choose from. Nearly every Fisker you'll find will be a Karma, but there are a few concept cars in circulation. If you're looking for the type of handling and performance to corner like a pro or stop on a dime, there's really no need to look beyond the Karma, but a broader experience base may soon be more available with the revival of other models that didn't quite make the assembly line. These are all of the Fisker models that have actually been produced or designed:



Fisker in Pop Culture

Although Fisker luxury cars may not have been around long and have an uncertain future, they definitely made an indelible mark on the hearts of connoisseurs far and wide. This is reflected in the preponderance of appearances this exotic car has made in popular television shows, movies, and music videos. These are just a few of the most memorable appearances in popular culture that Fiskers have made:

Two and a Half Men – The Fisker Karma made its debut on the screen on this beloved comedy as Walden Schmidt's vehicle of choice.

Cashing Out – Rapper Ca$h Out drives a sporty 2011 Fisker in this music video; as in all music videos, however, the logo is blurred.

Top Gear – In the episode where James meets AC/DC frontman, Brian Johnson, he also gets the opportunity to test drive a snazzy Fisker.

SuperCars Exposed – Louise Brady gets an up close and personal look into the production of a 2008 hybrid luxury sports sedan..

Paranoia - Liam Hemsworth plays a “fake it till he makes it” business man, driving a Fisker Karma as part of his ruse.

It's not necessary to have the resources of Ashton Kutcher or test out the world's most premiere luxury cars for a living to check driving a Fisker off your bucket list. Just check your yellow pages for the nearest Florida exotic car rental company to you, and rent a Fisker for just the right time to make your dream come true. Whether you want to inspire jealousy or awe, a Fisker can be a handy tool to improve your position on the business or social ladder or just gain the thrill of navigating the open road in a luxury car.

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