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December 9, 2014
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Ferrari 458 Spider

When you need to make a big impression on a potential business client or someone with romantic potential, arriving on the scene in a cutting-edge Ferrari 458 Spider luxury sports car can certainly do the trick. This go-getting exotic car model has striking visual appeal that turns heads in an instant, and the handling and performance of the 458 Spider won't disappoint. So, regardless of whether you rent a Ferrari more for show or the thrilling experience of being behind the wheel, you can have your proverbial cake and eat it too by savoring the ride and the appreciative stares of onlookers.

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The Ferrari 458 Spider is the first luxury car model to pair a mid-rear engine and a retractable hard top. This means you can experience unprecedented power on the open road while feeling the warm Florida breeze across your skin – and ensure you are seen in that moment of crowning glory of darting down the Miami-Dade County highways and byways. The hum of the V8 engine is almost as intoxicating as the decadent interior of this exotic car rental; the 458 Spider features an ergonomic design on the interior that is inspired by Formula 1 cockpits, meaning you barely have to move a finger to navigate the open road. There are also leather seats to cradle your form, vehicle dynamic assistance (VDA), and a high-tech parking camera to sweeten the deal.

To own a Ferrari 458 Spider can cost as much as buying a home, so the experience of being behind the wheel of this luxurious car is something usually reserved for the wealthy elite. With exotic car rental services now in the Miami-Dade area, however, you can rent a Ferrari for a special event, such as a high school reunion or intimate getaway for two. With this luxury rental car, you can make a splash everyone will remember and seize a few thrills on the open road to purely delight you.

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