Few cars scream speed and luxury like those manufactured under the Ferrari brand, and the intoxicating experience of sitting behind the wheel of one of these lightning-fast machines is reserved for an elite group. Even fewer people have a spare $200,000 or more in the bank to purchase a F12berlinetta or 528 Italia of their very own. Fortunately, it isn't necessary to commit to ownership to capture such a heady happening for yourself when you rent a Ferrari as an exotic car rental.

 For a mere fraction of the purchase price, you can shimmy into the leather seat of a Ferrari F430 Spider or any other model that tickles your fancy. You're sure to fall in love as soon as you drop the top and push the starter button behind the steering wheel to awaken a deep, powerful purr not unlike the sounds that emerge from a satisfied Bengal tiger. Once you tap the accelerator of this luxury car and feel the wind suddenly through your hair, you'll be hooked. Whether you rent a Ferrari for a day or a week, the memory will last a lifetime.

Brief History of the Ferrari Brand

This Italian luxury sports car originated in 1929 when Enzo Ferrari founded Scuderia Ferrari to sponsor race car drivers headquartered in Modena. At that time, there were no plans to produce anything like the road cars available as exotic car rentals today. It wasn't until 1947 that the off-branch Ferrari S.p.A. formed to produce street-legal vehicles to keep Scuderia Ferrari afloat in an unpredictable post-war economy.


In 1969, Fiat took over 50% of the company, which provided the financial freedom to produce even more racing and road models. One of the most renowned Ferrari models ever made emerged just before the founder Enzo Ferrari's death in 1988 – the Ferrari F40, then the fastest road car on the market. The company continued to improve upon this model throughout the years, culminating in the F60, or more commonly known as the Enzo. One of these limited edition Enzos even found its home with the Pope in the Vatican.


Ferrari continues to be a leader in sports car racing, most notably Formula One, and produces some of the finest supercars on the road. Some of the other popular road version models throughout the company's existence have been the Testarossa, the Dino, and the 288 GTO. Regardless of which Ferrari model you choose as an exotic car rental, your time behind its wheel is a small part of the brand's ever-developing history.

Growing Popularity in the United States


Although Ferraris are made in Italy and have a major prominence throughout all of Europe, the brand's road models have grown immensely in popularity within the United States in recent years. This is partially because Americans ever strive to keep up with the trends across the Atlantic Ocean, and few luxury sports cars could be trendier than a Ferrari.


Another reason for Ferrari's popularity surge is a growing appreciation for the rapid acceleration and precision steering for which the brand is known. After all, you can't take a domestically made Ford or Chevrolet, tap the accelerator, and go from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds. With a major drop in price in recent years, more and more people can afford to purchase these exotic cars that perform unlike anything else.


For those who aren't quite prepared to buy a Ferrari outright, it's fortunate that there are so many luxury rental car companies popping up in nearly every big city. This allows any middle class citizen with a dream for speed experience the thrill of taking a Ferrari California or 458 Spider onto the open road without heading to the poor house. It is now possible to rent a Ferrari just for a special event or to help make a vacation one for the record books.

Most Common Ferrari Models for Exotic Car Rental

Although there are tons of different sports car rentals compliments of Ferrari, there are certain models which are more prevalent in the luxury car rental industry. Each one boasts the superior comfort, speed, and performance you would expect, but there are subtle differences that extend beyond the exterior. If you're seriously considering a Ferrari rental, take the time to know what makes each model unique, and it can greatly help in making a final decision. The following are some of the most popular Ferrari models for luxury car rentals:


Ferrari in Pop Culture


One of the reasons Americans have a love affair with Ferraris are their prominence in popular culture. Television and the big screen have spread the image of these luxury sports cars as being symbols of wealth, class, and, of course, speed. With such attributes attached to the brand, who wouldn't want to drive one, even as just an exotic car rental for a day or two? After all, virtually everyone dreams of achieving a high status, and thrill-seekers can't help but feel the draw to breezing down the highway. These are just a few high-profile appearances of Ferraris in popular culture that incited the itch to be behind the wheel of one of these speed machines:


  • Le Mans – In this 1971 movie starring Steve McQueen, far more attention goes to the rivalry between the Porsche 917 and the Ferrari 512 than the actual plot.
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off – The title character hijacks his father's race red 1961 Ferrari 250GT California Spyder for a day of adventure, and the teenager fares far better than the car, which finds its way to the bottom of a ravine.
  • Weird Science – After a pair of geeky teens manage to create the perfect woman, they romp around town in a spiffy 1983 Ferrari Mondial QV.
  • Miami Vice – Back when Don Johnson was the epitome of cool, the Miami crime-fighting duo on this popular show drove only the best, showcasing both a 1972 Ferrari Daytona Spyder 365 GTS 4 and a 1968 Testarossa in its years on the air.


Although your personal love affair with the Ferrari brand may have its root in watching one of these or any other of the countless appearances of these muscle cars, driving one doesn't have to be just a dream. Now that exotic car rentals are a part of mainstream culture, virtually anyone has the means to make the dream a reality. Seize the experience of being behind the wheel of your Ferrari dream car for your next important event, vacation, or just because.

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