Set yourself apart from the crowd when you're spotted behind the wheel of a luxurious BMW. All eyes will be on you as you dart down the open road in a machine designed to outperform its competitors without sacrificing the sleek appearance for which the brand is known. As you enjoy the high-performance thrills, you can also appreciate the decadent comfort inherent to any luxury car proud enough to bear the blue-and-white BMW logo.

It's a new day and age – one where this experience is no longer exclusive to the rich and famous. Driving an exotic car is something within everyone's grasp, thanks to the advent of luxury car rental companies across the nation. Climb behind the wheel of one of these luxurious cars if only for an hour to experience the superior power and handling a BMW provides. Rent a BMW as a special treat, and it's a choice you won't regret.

Brief History of the BMW Brand

BMW, an acronym for Bavarian Motor Works, is part of Germany's Big Three luxury car manufacturers, which also includes Audi and Mercedes-Benz. It is also the parent company of Rolls-Royce. The brand grew out of the Rapp Motorenwerk aircraft manufacturing company when it had to cease producing airplanes as part of the Versailles Treaty. By 1923, BMW had begun to produce motorcycles, and luxury cars were thrown into the mix by 1928.

Despite periodic financial troubles with the exotic car manufacturing division of BMW, the brand managed to stay afloat. When the company bought the production rights to the Italian Iso Isetta and paired it with a modification of BMW's motorcycle engines, the future of the company was assured. In 1966, BMW bought the Hans Glas company, which brought a number of highly trained engineers and other employees into the fold to develop new luxury car models.

Today, the well-known Quant family holds many of BMW's shares, and the family has been pivotal into shaping BMW into one of the most successful manufacturers of luxurious cars in the world. As recently as 2012, Bavarian Motor Works has been hailed as the most reputable company worldwide by Forbes magazine. This coveted group is also deeply involved in motorcycle and touring car racing.

Growing Popularity as a Luxury Rental Car

BMWs have been synonymous with luxury since they arrived on the high-end automobile scene. As a result, the company has never needed fancy gimmicks and such to entice consumers to buy its exotic cars. BMW knows that a quality product sells itself, and, with some of the finest luxury cars ever produced, sales have been consistently high throughout the life of the company. Each vehicle truly lives up to the taglines of being “the ultimate driving machine” that provides “sheer driving pleasure.” Consequently, it comes as no surprise that a large number of people who turn to exotic car rentals for special events or weekend getaways specifically request a BMW for their ride. These luxury sports cars provide an image of sophistication and refinement just from being nearby, making it a smooth move to rent a BMW. Now that in-the-know people don't have to search for a luxury car rental company, there are BMW exotic cars available to rent for the day, week, or hour without any fuss. Anyone can seize the opportunity to be in the driver's seat of a sleek and stylish sports car without breaking their budget. This means you can rent a BMW to show up at fundraising events full of A-listers or to reward a valued employee for a job well done. The possibilities are limitless for how you can use an exotic car rental for your benefit.

Most Common BMW Models for Exotic Car Rental

When you are seen in control of any BMW, you're sure to draw appreciative stares. When you make the decision to rent a BMW for the next big event or intimate drive along the Florida coast, you want the right tool for the job. A two-seat roadster can set a romantic mood or a full-size luxury coupe can provide the comfort you value in a long trip, so you want to choose the right model for the occasion. These are the most commonly seen BMW models in exotic car rental companies:    

BMW in Pop Culture

When you have a brand as revered as BMW, it comes as no surprise that it frequently shows up in popular culture. Its luxury sports cars are among the highest performers in the world, and the body style instantly emits a sophistication to seduce its viewers. This sensual quality isn't restricted to up-close encounters; it is palpable even when a BMW shows up on a movie screen or intimate television gathering. Here are some appearances of these seductive beasts we will never forget: Splash – Tom Hanks gives a 1983 BMW 528E a run for its money, performing several stunts, including cornering, hard sliding, and a jump. James Bond – A BMW Z3 was the star of the show in Goldeneye, popularizing the model before its release in 1996. Pretty Woman – In the beloved comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, a 1988 BMW 325i Cabrio graces the screen. Mr & Mrs Smith – During an edge-of-your-seat car chase, three BMWs meet their demise and are completely destroyed. Gran Turismo 6 – You can only find the impressive BMW Vision in this popular thrill-seeking Playstation game. You don't need the refinement of James Bond or skills of a stunt man driver to make your own memories behind the wheel of a stylish BMW. Simply visit your nearest exotic car rental company and rent a BMW for the time you need to satisfy your thrill-seeking nature or make the right impression on a potential investor. It won't annihilate your budget, and you can taste the intoxicating sweetness of success that comes when you drive a BMW-produced luxury car. SoBe VIP provides exotic & luxury car rentals in Miami-Dade County Florida and surrounding cities.

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