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For the ultimate luxury car driving experience, look no further and rent a Bentley Zagato GTZ. Considering this exotic car model opened with a purchase price of nearly two million dollars, being behind the wheel of this luxury sports car is one reserved for an elite few. Fortunately, that opportunity is no longer reserved for those lucky owners now that exotic car rental services are in the Miami-Dade County area. You can now experience the Zagato GTZ firsthand without giving up your life savings by renting one for a special event or vacation getaway.

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This Bentley model has all the engineering perfection of the Continental GT, including decadent perks like massaging seats and the softest leather interior imaginable. The Zagato GTZ, however, has an edgier look with two-tone coachwork, sculpted rear window, and bubble roof with distinctive flair. There's no shortage of power in this luxurious car, thanks to the marriage of a 552-hp twin-turbocharged W12 engine and six-speed automatic transmission, and the precision handling even at high speeds is out of this world.

Only a handful of the limited edition Bentley Zagato GTZ luxury cars were produced, so, when you rent a Bentley like this, you join a group of elite few. Although you likely won't need to top over 200-mph speeds while still cornering like a stunt car driver, it's nice to know the ability to do so is within your grasp behind the wheel of this high-performance exotic car with Bentley's iconic style and Zagato's modern Italian flair. So, don't hesitate to seize the day and experience the thrilling ride this luxury rental car can provide and wow anyone fortunate enough to see as you whip down the road.

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