Few vehicles possess the headying fusion of elegance and superior performance that a Bentley does. As one of the most highly valued vehicles ever in production, the privilege of ownership has historically been reserved for the nation's wealthiest people. Onlookers don't have to keep up with current affairs or the latest movie releases to know that anyone emerging from a Bentley exotic car is somebody of note.

Fortunately for the average Joe, times just aren't what they used to be, and driving a Bentley is now within the power of even the middle class. With the emergence of exotic and luxury car rentals as a popular means of transportation, anyone with a little extra dough in their savings can claim the experience of being behind the wheel of one of these sought-after luxury cars. You can now rent a Bentley for the time that you need without adopting the onus of ownership.

Brief History of the Bentley Brand


The brand had its beginnings back in 1913 when brothers Walter Owen Bentley and Horace Milner Bentley partnered to sell French DFP cars. Walter, however, wasn't content to sell others' creations; he wanted to create a vehicle to bear the Bentley name. He had the breakthrough idea to use lightweight aluminum instead of clunky cast iron for engine pistons, but it wasn't until 1921 when this innovative technology appeared in the first cars produced by Bentley Motors Limited.


The brothers sold the company in 1925 to Woolf Barnato, who was an avid member of the racing community and preferred the Bentley design above all other exotic cars of the time. The Wall Street crash in 1929 and ensuing Great Depression, however, took a deep toll on the company, and Barnato was unable to make the mortgage payments on the firm. During this troubled time, Rolls-Royce performed a hostile takeover of the company.


The Bentley brand, however, thrived under the ownership of Rolls-Royce until the parent company began to experience financial difficulties stemming from the aircraft division in the 1970s and 1980s. Ultimately, Rolls-Royce split, selling the name and logo to BMW AG and the luxury car designs and Bentley name to Volkswagen AG, where it remains to this day.

Growing Popularity as a Luxury Rental Car


Bentley has been a beloved brand throughout Europe and the United States ever since it gained its popularity under Rolls-Royce and continues to grow in popularity owned by Volkswagen. Its designs have always been on the cutting edge, and its impeccable style ensured its place among the best luxury cars in history. Bentley didn't just make a name for itself in motor sports racing; it quickly became a road staple for the world's most elite.

Celebrities and corporate moguls have been proud to belong to the exclusive group of Bentley owners, and the brand has historically been reserved only for those with the means to pay for the privilege. Its luxurious cars frequently steal the spotlight at exhibitions of the latest supercars of the road and racing, and the body style harkens back to a golden age where sophistication was a key factor in success.


Now that exotic car rental companies have crashed onto the scene, you can join that elite group of Bentley drivers, if only for a day or weekend. At a price that won't send you to file Chapter 13, you can rent a Bentley long enough to make the right impression on a potential employer or pique the interest of a special someone. The privilege of driving a Bentley is now attainable, and the power to level the playing field lies in the closest luxury car rental company to you.


Most Common Bentley Models for Exotic Car Rental


Regardless of which Bentley model you choose for a luxury car rental, you will be steeped in the class and style that is intricately linked with the brand. You do, however, have choices that may improve the quality of your time with your dream exotic car. For a romantic drive for two along the Florida coast, opt for an Arnage Drophead Coupé to feel the wind in your hair. When you feel the need for speed, a high-performance Continental GT may be more to your liking. These are the Bentley models you will most frequently encounter for exotic car rentals:




Bentley in Pop Culture


The American fascination with the Bentley brand didn't develop in a vacuum. Bentleys have long been portrayed in print and on the silver screen as the epitome of refined taste and style. After all, some of our favorite heros and villains we love to hate have sat behind the wheel of a luxurious Bentley model. Here are some of our most beloved appearances of this high-end brand in popular culture:


  • The Avengers – John Steed frequently drove a 3-Litre Bentley as he and Emma Peel worked to thwart criminal masterminds.
  • James Bond – Although 007 seems to prefer Aston Martins on the screen, he was an avid fan of Bentley cars in the books by Ian Fleming.
  • Thomas Crowne Affair – In the 1999 remake of this classic, the main character sported a silver Bentley Arnage.
  • Hannibal – In the television series, the discriminating Hannibal Lector also drove a Bentley Arnage – even to the scenes of carnage he frequently wrought.
  • Jay Leno's Garage – Late night television host Jay Leno's reality series has featured numerous Bentley models, including a 1930 27 Litre and a 2010 Mulsanne.


You don't need the skills of a debonair crime fighter or bank account of a television star to gain some time in the driver's seat of a sporty yet sophisticated Bentley car. Now that this classic brand is available as an exotic car rental in metropolitan areas across the country, the dream of being behind the wheel of one of the world's most desired vehicles is within your grasp. When you rent a Bentley for your next corporate event or to arrive at your high school reunion, you gain an air of worldliness and refinement to make an impression that is sure to be noticed by all.

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