November 7, 2014
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November 7, 2014
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For the ideal combination of beauty, luxury, and power, look no further than the Aston Martin Rapide. Although this four-door model is ideal for family vacations or group events, the Rapide lives up to its name in its acceleration abilities. There are plenty of thrills to be had from behind the wheel of this sleek and sporty Aston Martin. With the brand's most powerful and technologically advanced engine, the AM29 V12, this luxurious car goes from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 4.2 seconds – although you may want to drop off any kids before testing this on the open road.

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This family friendly yet exotic car features the same Touchtronic III ZF eight-speed transmission found in Aston Martin's sportier models, so you can expect the same precision shifting performance even at top speeds. With luxurious leather interior designed to cradle your form, up to four people can enjoy all the thrills the Rapide has to offer simultaneously. This means there will be no arguments about who can ride when, aside from perhaps a little rivalry to be in control of this luxury sports car's navigation.

Since exotic car rentals are now so affordable and available in Miami-Dade County, the experience of being behind the wheel of the Aston Martin Rapide can be yours. It isn't nearly as costly as purchasing this luxury car outright, yet you can still reap the benefits by renting one to make the right impression at a special event or make memories with friends and family. Choose the package of time with the Aston Martin Rapide that best fits your needs and budget, and you can soon boast of your experience alongside one of the world's best exotic rental cars.

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