There are few cars on the exotic rental car market that exude luxury and refinement like the Aston Martin. With just a glance at the sleekly styled exterior, even the least car savvy individual can immediately recognize this brand stands head and shoulders above the rest. In fact, the brand is so intricately linked with the image of wealth and the possession of cutting-edge technology that Aston Martin is known as James Bond's vehicle of choice in print and on the silver screen.

 Since the average person doesn't have the financial resources of the UK's most beloved fictional double agent, it's fortunate that having time behind the wheel of an iconic Aston Martin is within your grasp as an exotic car rental. For just a small percentage of the purchase price of a new (or even used) luxury car, you can rent an Aston Martin for the day, weekend, or week, providing the essential ingredient for a time you will never forget.

Brief History of the Aston Martin Brand


Founded originally as Bamford & Martin Ltd  in 1913 by automotive veterans Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, the Aston Martin brand had troubled beginnings. Since Martin frequently raced at Aston Hill, the name Aston Martin came into being for its first designed model. Just as this exotic car was slated for production, war broke out, and the company sold all of its machinery to the Sopwith Aviation Company. When the war finished, they reopened the company in Kensington.


Despite designing and producing some of the finest racing cars of the time, it was difficult for the company to take off in the post-war economy. By 1926, both Martin and Bamford had relinquished their interests, and the company changed hands numerous times. In 1936, Aston Martin began to produce luxury cars for the road, venturing out from the previous focus on racing vehicles. Then, WWII began, halting production yet again.

Aston Martin DB6 R

Aston Martin DB6

After WWII, Aston Martin resumed production of both racing and luxury road cars, yet the company continued to frequently change ownership, including by Ford Motors for over a decade. It is currently held by a consortium headed by David Richards, the chairman for Prodrive, and Ford still retains significant holdings in the Aston Martin brand.

Growing Popularity in Luxury Car Rental


Unlike a lot of other luxury sports cars with European origins, the Aston Martin brand has enjoyed immense popularity within the United States for some time, likely due to its stint of ownership by the American-based Ford Motor Company. There has never been the need to sell Americans on the benefits of this high-end brand; the appeal has just been instinctual.


Although few people have the free funds to go buy an Aston Martin fresh off the lot, tasteful people in the know are aware there is a way to take advantage of the brand's high class image without emptying their bank accounts. Aston Martin DB9s, Vantages, and more are increasingly available as exotic car rentals in larger cities across the country.


When you choose to rent an Aston Martin, you can impress important business contacts or even potential in-laws without making a commitment to purchase. Whether you arrive at the next big social event in one of this classic brand's luxury cars or take it for a weekend getaway with a special someone, you have the power to impress without the duress of a hefty bill in an Aston Martin rental.

Most Common Aston Martin Models for Exotic Car Rental


When you make the decision to take an Aston Martin for a twirl around the proverbial block as a luxury car rental, there are a variety of stylish models you can choose. Although every one of these high-end cars boasts a stylish presence and superior construction, each model has its own unique personality. Some exotic car rental companies may have classic or vintage models in their lots, but most businesses focus on the newer Aston Martin varieties. As of 2014, Aston Martin produced the following distinct luxury cars for use on the open road:




Aston Martin in Pop Culture


One of the reasons Aston Martin is such a beloved name in the world of luxury sports cars is its prominence on the silver screen as an elite automobile. When you see a character who is the epitome of class and refinement in the driver's seat of an exotic car, it is natural to equate the character's qualities with those of the vehicle. In the case of Aston Martin's luxurious cars, that equation is no mistake. Here are just a few of our favorite appearances of this revered brand on the big screen:


  • James Bond – Aston Martin models have appeared in many of the James Bond books and movies, including as the company car in Goldeneye and 007's personal vehicle in Tomorrow Never Dies.
  • The Birds – Tippi Hedren's character drove an Aston Martin DB2/4 MKL in this creepy Alfred Hitchcock classic.
  • Transformers: Dark of the Moon – An Aston Martin V8 Vantage makes an appearance in this action-packed sequel.
  • Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Both an Aston Martin Vantage and DB9 take center stage during IMF agent Ethan Hunt's time in Mumbai.
  • Fast and Furious 7 – The villain of this edge-of-your-seat film, Jason Statham, drives an Aston Martin DB5 much like Sean Connery did in Goldfinger.


You don't need the skills of a fast and furious stunt car driver or impeccable taste in martinis to capture the intoxicating experience of driving a sleek and speedy Aston Martin. Just give one of these luxury sports cars a whirl for your next high-profile business function or vacation getaway, and you will feel like you're jetting across the silver screen. Now that exotic car rentals are part of the mainstream, you can upgrade your vehicle for any event on a whim without the financial burden of ownership.

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