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In a time when the purse strings are tight for most, it seems incongruous that one of the fastest growing industries in America today lies in exotic car rental. This once hard-to-find niche market is now popping up all over the country, especially in larger cities where appearances can make or break an individual's chances of professional success. Luxurious cars make a statement, equating the person behind the wheel with being powerful, confident, and stylish, qualities that help prospective go-getters go far in business and society as a whole. Unfortunately, not everyone with an eye to scale the ladder of success has the seed money to invest in purchasing an exotic car for show. Here is where renting luxury cars enters the scene.

Although exotic cars are far more reasonably priced than they were in the past, few people have $100,000 or more to invest in mere transportation, no matter how elegantly packaged it is or the amount of extras that come with it. It is, however, possible to rent a Lamborghini or other luxury vehicle for important events.

For those seeking Audi rentals or other sports car rentals, this innovative service makes trying on the high roller image something within grasp. For a small fraction of the cost of buying an exotic car, you can make the people that count think you own one without the expensive investment. Just imagine how far a Ferrari rental or Gallardo rental for a business event can take you!

The exotic car rental industry doesn't just appeal to wannabe Miami jetsetters, however. Sometimes, it's all about the fulfillment of a wish or dream. An Aston Martin rental can enable you to mark driving along the Florida coast with the wind rushing through your hair off your bucket list, for instance. Alternatively, a Porsche rental could make an anniversary dinner or other event a night to remember.

Luxury and sports car rentals can also enhance the Miami vacationing experience unlike any other service on the market. Mercedes rentals or other luxury car rentals can make even simple trips from the hotel to the museum a fantasy experience for the whole family. You could even document your brief interlude with a luxury car for posterity in a smiling group photo or two!

Even if it's for just once in your life, Bentley rentals or other exotic car rentals set the stage for you to be the person envied at the stoplight. When you feel those eyes on you and the sense of satisfaction it brings, there will be no question why people rent luxury cars with such frequency these days. It even explains why regular car rental services now have luxury cars like Rolls Royce for rent.

Exotic rental cars aren't just for people trying to get ahead or for those those satisfying a dream because celebrities and other Miami A-listers are known to indulge in Fisker rentals or other sports car rental services. This cutting edge service allows them to change up their driving routine or fully test the latest luxurious cars before they buy, illustrating how the benefits of exotic car rental are limitless.

Things to Consider When You Rent Exotic Cars

If you're ready to jump on the exotic car rental bandwagon and experience life to the fullest without compromising your budget, there are a few things you should consider before signing a contract for the day, weekend, or week:

  • Length of rental – Virtually all luxury car rental companies in Miami will let you rent a Ferrari or other exotic car for a day, weekend, or week. There are some places, however, that will let you rent luxury car services by the hour. If you only need a jaw-dropping sports car for a special event, such as an awards banquet or high school reunion, an hourly rate may prove far friendlier to your pocketbook than retaining that vehicle for the entire day. Alternatively, exotic car rental companies often provide discounts for longer term rentals, so you may opt to enjoy your Mercedes or Lexus rental for the whole week instead of just a few days without spending an additional fortune.
  • How much you will be driving – It is normal for a Miami luxury car rental service to have daily mileage caps, and the amount of miles you put on will greatly affect your total bill. When you rent exotic car services, it is easy to overlook how your time behind the wheel affects the maintenance costs for which the rental company is responsible. In other words, the more miles you put on, the more it will cost you, and mileage caps are typically between 50 and 150 miles per day. So, if you plan to rent a Hummer to go cross-country and back, expect to pay the price.
  • Insurance coverage – The last thing you want to think of as you jet down the road in an eye-catching BMW rental or Gallardo is the possibility of having a wreck. Any time you get behind the wheel of an exotic car rental, however, there is the possibility of being involved in an accident. When dealing with exotic rental cars, it is very important to see just how much coverage your insurance provides in the worst case scenario, so you aren't faced with bankruptcy down the road. If your current policy isn't sufficient, most Miami luxury car rental services provide supplementary insurance for driving their rental sports cars.
  • Booking availability and cancellation policies – The last thing you want to happen after you build up the anticipation and excitement of driving a fire engine red Porsche rental to your special event, is to find yourself browsing a selection of other exotic rental cars that just aren't right for the occasion or your tastes. Alternatively, you don't want to be stuck with an exorbitant bill if your travel plans fall through or an emergency family situation strikes, necessitating the cancellation of your exotic car rental. Be sure to book far enough in advance for Maybach rentals or McLaren rentals, for instance, to ensure you get just the right luxury sports car for your needs, and be sure to ask about what happens if you have to suddenly pass on the experience.

Add-Ons to Enhance the Experience When You Rent Exotic Car Services

Since the demand for luxury car rentals in Miami is so high, many exotic car rental companies offer additional services to enhance the experience for their customers or provide extra conveniences. These added benefits may be included in the price of luxury or sports car rentals, or you can procure them with an additional charge. Be sure to ask your chosen Miami exotic car rental company how it will affect your total bill if you require any of these services:

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off – If you're traveling to Miami for business or pleasure, the arrival and departure from the airport can be stressful times. Companies with luxury cars for rent usually include airport pick-up and drop-off in their fee or can provide it at a nominal charge. After all, you're shelling out some significant change when you rent a Range Rover or BMW, so it's not too much to expect a little help to and from the airport.
  • Exotic car delivery – Luxury car rental companies know your time is valuable, so the delivery of your chosen Porsche or Maserati rental lets you begin your time behind the wheel without the hassle of hailing a taxi or navigating pesky traffic. Most Miami exotic car rental companies have no qualms about dropping your sports car rental off at your home, place of business, or hotel.
  • Chauffeur service – There are times when physically being behind the wheel is just a bother, so most sports car rental companies in Miami have drivers on the payroll that are available for an additional fee. This is convenient for those who aren't familiar with the area or just want to sit back and fully enjoy the experience of riding in the superior comfort luxury cars provide.

When you choose to indulge in the exotic car rental experience, you open the door to experience how the 2%-ers live or to test run your dream car before you commit to a costly purchase. There's a reason why a luxury car like a BMW, Mercedes, or Porsche comes with a costly price tag. Luxurious cars are just that – luxurious, and the comfort and performance is far above that of a functional but boring Chevy or Ford. Whether the reason you are considering a sports car rental is to fulfill a long-awaited fantasy, to fake it until you make it up the social ladder, or to give a potential purchase a test run, there is an exotic car rental company in Miami with just the right luxury car, policies, and add-on services to meet your unique needs. Seize the amazing experience of an exotic car that will last you for a lifetime and make you the envy of all your friends.

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